Taking our charitable giving to the next level with Benefacto

Charitable giving has always been at the heart of our agency, from making monthly donations to helping support our team’s volunteer efforts. We’ve always acknowledged that the most significant asset to our agency is our people, first and foremost. When our team feels inspired, recognised and supported, we come together and create outstanding and award-winning work.

Knowing that together we could have a more significant impact through our volunteering, we wanted to help expand the charitable work Builtvisible takes on.

New partnership with Benefacto

That’s why we’re pleased to announce our new partnership with Benefacto, the social enterprise platform connecting and engaging professionals with meaningful volunteering opportunities. With a wide variety of volunteering options for individuals, pairs, and small groups, our staff can positively contribute to the 40-plus causes spread out across London.

This new avenue allows our employees to feel fully engaged and supported in their volunteering efforts while enabling them to strengthen the already overly-stretched charity sector and enhance the services offered to those in need.

Leading the new volunteering initiative with Benefacto, Emily Clayfield commented:

I knew there was a real appetite for fundraising, championing causes and volunteer work, but we didn’t have a scalable process in place to make it happen efficiently. We chose Benefacto because they make the process of employee volunteering as smooth as possible.

Our team is already deeply involved in their local community and the global community as a whole. From sorting clothes to send off to families in need, to turtle conservation work in Indonesia, the causes we help support have no geographic boundaries!

One of our Senior Content Marketing Executives, Patsy van Winden, has helped support girls from impoverished families in Sub-Saharan Africa to attend school while on their menstrual cycles through her chosen charity, Binti Mwangaza. Patsy’s commitment was also recognised through the International Youth Volunteer Award by Voluntary Service Overseas.


Speaking about this new opportunity, Geoff Griffiths, Managing Director commented:

We put a lot of work into making the experience of working at Builtvisible as fulfilling as possible for our team and partnering with Benefacto is another value-add initiative I am delighted to roll out.

“The Benefacto platform makes it incredibly easy to make meaningful contributions to causes that matter to our guys on a personal level. For me this is a real win-win as local charities get support they desperately need, while the team get additional balance to their day-to-day and develop fresh perspectives that will make them more rounded individuals and even more of a pleasure to work with.

With our staff provided time to get involved with the charities Benefacto supports, it will allow a more significant number of our team like Patsy to become global ambassadors working together to help create solid foundations in the communities in which we operate.

Builtvisible have always been really supportive, donating monthly to a whole host of charities, each one chosen by an employee. Now, with employee volunteering in place, I’m excited to hear about everyone’s experiences as they roll up their sleeves and get to work for the causes that mean the most to them!

Emily Clayfield, Senior Consultant

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