How to use social link intersect for quick linkbuilding wins

by on 4th March 2015

Earlier this month I gave a presentation on Quick Wins for SEO at Friends of Search in Amsterdam.

One of the tips that seemed to go down the best was based on my comments about the Moz “Link Intersect” tool. I’ve been a fan of that idea for a long time.

Link intersect analysis is cool because with some very effortless work there’s always an easy link opportunity to be found. With that being said, I’m not entirely convinced that “build links from sites who link to your competitors but not you” is the deepest or best advice, really.

This updated tool from Moz appeared a month or so ago, and I was quite excited initially but, I think it’s missing a trick:


The tools will happily show you domains that link to your competitors but not to you (which is quite useful, for sure) *but* it doesn’t show “pages that link to your competitors but not you”.

That feature would be very useful for my tip, which is:

Find pages that link to your social profile URLs, but not you

Check out the opportunity I found for


There’s a bunch of links pointing at URLs that belong in the /richardbaxterseo/ subfolder over on slideshare. How many of those link to our site, too? What about Twitter? And, as we rebranded a while back now, what about our old Twitter URL? What about our old Facebook URL?

If you’re a broken link building / unlinked mentions type of link builder, then there’s linkbuilding gold in that tip!

A Quick How To

1) Using aHrefs, download links to your social profile pages – copy the URL list from the CSV export

2) Open Screaming Frog, change to list mode, and go to the “Configuration” drop down and select “Custom”. Create a filter for “Does not include” and your site, like this:


3) Now click “Upload” and paste your links from your CSV export


4) The results with the filter applied will be URLs who’s source does not contain the href link to your site:


I’m pretty sure there’s quite an untapped opportunity list here way beyond just your social profile URLs but I’ll leave that to you to work out. Enjoy!


  1. Great idea!

  2. That sounds promising. I will have to try this out. Thank you Richard.

    Regarding the Link Intersect tool I think that it’s quite easy to find the “pages that link to the pages” using the Open Site Explorer tool. You can have both the page (URL) as well as the anchor text used. Or am I missing something here?


  3. Hi George, the Moz link intersect tool does not have a “pages that link to pages” feature – take a look in the drop down labelled “Show:”.

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