Link Evaluation Survey 2012 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Links, seemingly the currency of rankings, and a white-hot area right now what with all the recent de-indexing of certain link networks, GWT Warning messages being sent to over 700,000 webmasters and the ever decreasing effectiveness of low-rent link building tactics.

So just what is a “good link”? We know what we look for in a link for our clients but we wanted to survey as many members of the SEO community as we could to get a real idea of the kinds of methods and metrics that SEO professionals all over the globe are using to assess the quality of a link.

What do we look for in a (link) partner?

We analyse a prospective linking partner for our clients based on three different areas:

Show me the results

We opened the survey and saw just over 500 individuals complete it – thank you to everyone that took part and hopefully you’ll find this data interesting.

Orange Line Link Evaluation Survey 2012
Link Evaluation Survey 2012 infographic By Orange Line SEO

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<a title=”Link Evaluation Survey 2012″ href=””><img src= alt=”Orange Line Link Evaluation Survey 2012″ width=”540″ border=”0″ /></a><a href=””>Link Evaluation Survey 2012 infographic</a>By <a href=””>Orange Line SEO</a>

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4 thoughts on “Link Evaluation Survey 2012 [INFOGRAPHIC]

  1. Pretty good info graphic there :) Interesting data you/they found…. For me, I look at both Domain Authority and Google Page Rank (on a domain level) to have an idea on value of a link. I also look at the location it is hosted in (this can be very different to the TLD – I see many .uk sites hosted in the US for example) – in relation to the site I want the link for.

    Just my 2 cents worth :)

  2. Hey David,

    I agree about relevancy being important no matter how Google looks at it ( of course they look at it).

    Just embedded the infographic.

    We are starting to translate a few infographics in Chinese, what do you think the value of links from high domain authority chinese .cn sites would be to a site in Australia on a .com??

    And how do you think most infographic creator’s would feel about us translating and promoting their infographic’s (of course we would give them attribution)


    Oh ps SEO gadget rock’s

  3. Sreejesh says:

    Social Signals are now getting more popular factor for links, but doesn’t look like most sites are considering it seriously. Relevancy is something very important otherwise it looks like spam.

  4. I understand your article in less time with your infographic :), interesting article . Thanks

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