Updated to 201209: Google Adwords API Extension for Excel

Update: 22/11/2012

This plugin is updated for the latest API which is 201209.

The major change is that EXACT is now the only match type. The add-in now ignores any values passed in.

AVERAGE_TARGETED_MONTHLY_SEARCHES is replaced by SEARCH_VOLUME. This is equivalent to AVERAGE_TARGETED_MONTHLY_SEARCHES if language and/or location is specified. SEARCH_VOLUME is equivalent to GLOBAL_MONTHLY_SEARCHES if language and/or location is not specified.

Capture search volumes and seasonality data straight into Excel

Yes, you heard that right. Introducing the SEOgadget Adwords API Extension for Microsoft Exceleasily capture large volumes of search query data directly into Excel using your Google Adwords API key. Save huge amounts of time gathering data and spend more time analysing!

Wow! Tell me about the features

  • Exact, Broad and Phrase Match
  • Generate local search volumes by country code
  • Rapidly extract search volumes for 1000’s of keywords
  • Acquire Mobile and Desktop Search Volume
  • Generate 1000’s of related queries using suggest service

What are the standard functions?

The SEOgadget Adwords Excel plugin creates a series of functions designed to fetch data from the Google Adwords API. Once you’ve installed the plugin, you’ll get a handful of new functions to make fetching keyword data a far more effective and efficient process. Here they are:



Example: =getAdWordAvg(A1,"EXACT","GB","WEB")

Description: returns average search volume from the adwords API. Matchtype accepts broad, exact and phrase match. Country codes can be found in the Adwords documentation and devices can be mobile or web.



Example: =getAdWordStats(A1,"EXACT","GB","WEB")

Description: returns local search volume and previous 12 months separated by commas



Example: =getAdWordIdeas(A1,"EXACT","GB","WEB","100")

Description: returns keyword suggestions based on API suggest service

There are Array functions too?

Yes, there are! Use these with a little caution as they can request a lot of data (800 rows per API call) – I suggest you set Excel to manual calculation. Then press F9 (or click Calculate Now) to recalculate the workbook when ready. You’ll find the calculation options under the formulas tab (and also under Excel Options which also offers an option to stop auto-calculation on exit).

If you don’t disable auto-calculate, no problem – just use the array formula to capture data, then copy and paste values to avoid accidentally re-requesting very long lists of keywords.



Example: =arrayGetAdWordStats(myKWlist,"EXACT","US","MOBILE")

Description: array formula (auto adds {} brackets) will return data from a list of keywords in a table (average search volume and seasonal data).



Example: =arrayGetAdWordIdeas(Table1,"BROAD","US","WEB","20")

Description: array formula (auto adds {} brackets) will return suggstions from a list of keywords in a table (average search volume and seasonal data).

Performance & requirements

The SEOgadget Excel plugin works with Excel 2003, 2007 and 2010 in 32 and 64 bit. If you’re going to be doing big bits of research using arrays, you’ll need quite a powerful computer (a good excuse to ask for a faster machine with more memory!). Under load testing, my i7 Windows 7 machine took around 3 to 4 minutes to process 30,000 keywords. You probably don’t want to use that much data every day, though.

Obviously, you’ll need a Google Adwords API key to get search volume data using this tool.

How to install

1) Download the zip file, extract the “SEOgadget” folder and open “distribution/setup.xls” – enable the macros and follow these step by step instructions. When you open the setup file you’ll see this screen:

*Don’t forget to enable macros!*

Excel setup page

add api credentials2) Add your API credentials and click “Update Credentials”


install3) Click the “Install API Add-in” button and wait for this dialogue:


4) Restart Excel and start capturing your search data!

Now for the technical bit

SEOgadget hired Master Datasmith Tom Gleeson to develop this plugin – (here he is on Twitter). I highly recommend Tom (he’s our Excel developer of choice). If anyone knows how to automate the hell out of Excel, it’s Tom. Here’s his technical bit.

The add-is was developed using a marvelous open-source tool called ExcelDNA. This allows for the fast (and cheap) development of .NET add-ins for Excel. Microsoft would prefer if everybody used their Visual Studio (not the free express version, the expensive one) based VSTO technology to build such add-ins; don’t, ExcelDNA is way better and easier to use. ExcelDNA is built around a C core (making it fast and robust) and allows for the development of add-ins using either C# or VB.NET.

The biggest downside with ExcelDNA is the lack of documentation, but the user forum is very active and top notch. For a good introduction see Ross Mclean’s series of blog posts on the subject.

So why not use plain old VBA to build the add-in? The answer to that lies with the other piece of technology used i.e. Google’s  v201101 Adwords API. Most APIs these days use either JSON or simple XML formats to pass data and requests back and forth between servers and clients. In the early days of Web Services it was envisaged that a highly structured (and extremely complex) variation of XML, namely SOAP, would be used for this task. Thankfully common sense prevailed and SOAP is now very much a minority sport.

Unfortunately, the Adwords API developers went with SOAP, but, made up for it by providing developers with a set of excellent client libraries for all the major development platforms, such as the JVM, CPython and .NET but alas, not for VBA.

This .NET client library also accounts for the choice of the C# , rather than VB.NET, as the add-in’s development language, as all the examples (like most .NET libraries) were coded in the language, using C# makes its easier to get up to speed.

(The ability to package the resulting code in a single DLL (a .xll rather than VBA’s .xla) is also another good reason for using ExcelDNA if VBA is not an option.)

The add-in is available for three platform types:

  1. Excel 2007/2010 32 bit (requires NET 2.0 run time, which is now to be found on all but the most ancient of machines).
  2. Excel 2003 (should also support back to Excel 2000, and possibly ‘97, but not tested). This too requires NET 2.0. It lacks however, the very useful helper “array” functions that auto-resize arrays to fit the returned tables and the ability to run in multi-threaded mode.
  3. Excel 2010 64 bit. This requires not just a 64bit OS, but a 64 bit installation of Excel (the default for Excel is to install the 32 bit version even on 65 bit machines, if installed using the supplied SETUP.xls it will check this for you). The 64bit version requires the NET 4.0 run time, which is very likely to be already installed if using a modern Windows 7 64 bit OS. But if not or you’re not sure, then power up Internet Explorer and visit http://www.hanselman.com/smallestdotnet/ the site will check what versions of .NET are installed and suggest the most suitable download.

I want to play! Where can I download this plugin?

This plugin is completely free to download and use. As it’s a free tool, we may only be able to provide very limited support and by downloading and installing the plugin, you agree that the tool is not provided under any warranty, and that the software author and SEOgadget are excluded from any liability to the users of this software.



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124 thoughts on “Updated to 201209: Google Adwords API Extension for Excel

  1. Ian Bowden says:

    Thanks. Can’t wait to have some free time to play around with this. Had similar thoughts to create such a tool, but to release it for free is pretty awesome. Some sort of extension that mashes it up with Hitwise and Majestic would send me over the edge.

  2. Dee says:

    Looks very interesting. Still confused about setting it up and actually what it does.

    Any chances of a video tutorial?

  3. Paul says:

    I have looked at applying for an API key but it looks like there may well be costs involved for using it, as there is a mention about rates of US$0.25 per 1000 API units, it this correct?

  4. Ian Bowden says:

    Yep you have to pay for calls on the API, but there are agency rates.

  5. Great plugin and thanks for releasing it to the community for free. Ironically just finished up a whole load of keyword research for which this plugin would have been very handy.

  6. Inken H. says:

    Sounds interessting! Maybe I’ll give it a try…

  7. Paul R says:

    This is amazing – have wanted this for ages!! Where can I get the developer token from?


  8. Kevin Barnes says:

    Thanks for the share Rich.. :)

  9. Elizabeth says:

    This is awesome. Thanks so much for sharing and in time for the holiday season!

  10. Dee says:

    Let’s get a webinar or video tutorial, Richard! This has big potential for SEO guys.

  11. Dan says:

    I read that it takes 5 API units per call and 0.1 API units per result. Just wondering if anyone has tested this out yet to see what the real costs of using this plugin are?

    It sounds as if you run this frequently and dependent on if you are charged units for each individual result displayed, this could add up to a lot.

  12. Hi Dan

    1000 api units costs 25 cents. The arraygetadwords functions page the requests (800 rows per api call) so you can get data for 800 keywords for .025 cents

    The standard functions – that’s one api call per query, so 1000 keywords will cost you 25 cents.

    Hope that helps – Richard

  13. Dan says:

    Thanks Richard, that helps greatly. Now I have a better grasp of the costs, which actually sounds really reasonable with your explanation.

  14. Innes says:

    Being fairly new to the seo game and also trying to get my website further up the road, this will be of no end of help to me. I think this could be a great tool to help me monitor what to do with my seo.

  15. Wayne Barker says:

    Oh Mr Baxter, you spoil us with your ferrero rocher.

    This looks like it is going to be super helpful and kudos for making it free – you gotta love it when people share such tools with the community. It is what makes the SEO field such a vibrant place to work in.

    You can be sure that this will distracting me next week!

  16. SEO Coach says:

    Hi Richard

    Many thanks for this, the costs certainly sound reasonable and I’ve put of playing with the APIs way to long


  17. Clicks says:

    I heve installed it and it works fine. Special thanks guys!

  18. Ethan says:

    Hey Richard,

    Is there a way to get global search volume instead of local search volume with the getAdWordIdeas() function? For instance, “membership management software” has 1,600 exact US English global monthly searches on desktops and laptops in the US on the AdWords web site, but with the =getAdWordsIdeas(), it has 880 monthly visits — which is the same as the local results on the AdWords website.

    Is there a way to pull in global monthly searches into the getAdWordsIdeas() function?

    Feel free to email me.


    – Ethan

  19. Hi Ethan

    Nice! Let me see what we can do :-)

  20. Can this be used with a proxy server? Thanks!

  21. Dipanjan says:

    I am not able to run the setup.xls on MAC platform.

  22. Brian Bluff says:

    Any solution for us mac guys running excel for mac 2011… except of course buying a PC.

    Great job!


  23. Ravi Pathak says:


    Thanks for sharing this great tool, I played with it and it performs very nicely. I also wanted to point to others that there is little more mature tool that we’ve developeed at Tatvic Excel Add-in for Adwords API . This plugin ,apart from search volume & competition data, it also extracts all your adwords data in excel. I’d love to invite people to check it out and share their opinion.

  24. Hi Ravi – thanks for sharing. Your tools seems to have some interesting features, though I’ll point out it’s not free, nor does it have array functions to pull specific data points directly into the spreadsheet?

  25. Nakul Goyal says:

    Great work Tom, thanks for sharing SEOGadget.

  26. Ravi Pathak says:

    Hi Richard,

    Thanks, yes you are right. The Tatvic plugin is not getting array data. The most compelling feature for our customer has been the “Refresh”. When you do reports, you need do it same for each period. The refresh function ensure that you can use cell reference from excel as dates & change it to next period, refresh it and you have same set of data updated for new period.

    I understand your opinion on pricing and I am all for free tools & I am going to be adding it to our newsletter for our price sensitive customers as well.

    Thanks again for your comment & great work !!

  27. Thanks to you ALL at SEOgadget. I saw you speak at Mozcon and I am thankful to have heard you. You are an inspiration to work smarter and faster.

  28. Ragdog says:

    If only there were something like this for Mac users and openoffice !

  29. Innes says:

    Precisely!, we are always working from Macs and much of the print software is run from them and this has grown to become a pain in the neck over time!

  30. Great ! Very interesting gadget after the Panda revolution. Now that CPCs become higher and higher, this gadget is a real investment. It is not only a very precious tool but it is also free (even no warranty)

    It seems easy to use but will be there a tutorial ?

    Again thank you for sharing this Gadget.

  31. Hi there – I made a tutorial video for SEOmoz: http://www.seomoz.org/blog/search-volume-data-excel hopefully that’s of use!

  32. Anyone know how long it usually takes Google to approve an API account? I’m dying to see this thing in action!!

  33. Hey – usually ~2 weeks. They don’t notify you by email, so keep checking in to your account to find out what’s what.

  34. Nakul Goyal says:

    My colleague got one approved fairly fast. I think it was around 7-10 days.

  35. Is that working on LibreOffice Calc?

  36. kari says:

    Hi , thansk for this, it really speed my work a lot

  37. YagilH says:

    Hi, I keep getting the error:

    AuthenticationError.NOT_ADS_USER @ ; trigger:’680964584052′ Service[TargetingIdeaService.get

    I changed my seogadget_AdAPIAddIn.xll.config to have the following entries:

    Please help.

  38. YagilH says:

    And again…

    add key=”Email” value=”MyName@gmail.com”
    add key=”Password” value=”MyPWA”
    add key=”ClientEmail” value=”MyName@gmail.com”
    add key=”DeveloperToken” value=”MyToken”
    add key=”AdWordsApi.Server” value=”https://adwords-sandbox.google.com”

  39. That error looks a lot like Adwords does not recognise your username / password. Have you tried an uninstall / reinstall using the setup file?

  40. Hi Chad, your comment slipped through the net I’m afraid. The tool itself doesn’t have the functionality to choose a proxy but it uses your computer’s internet connection, so if you’re connected to a proxy the requests from the Excel plugin will be too.

  41. To everyone leaving requests for a MAC version – so sorry! ExcelDNA doesn’t support MAC so neither can we at this time.

  42. Just got it approved today. So far no dice getting the tool to work though. Every time I close Excel after entering the API info and install the addon, Excel crashes and I get #VALUE! instead of the goods. Using Win 7 x64 and Office 2010.

  43. Hi – do the functions appear, i.e “=getadwordsavg” as you’re typing the query?

    I use getadwordsavg just to test on a single keyword. You may need to run the full uninstall via the setup file, close Excel and start again.

  44. Thanks, Richard! Downloaded the latest version, did a full-install, and now it’s working like a champ. Thanks for making such a awesome tool available for such a great price!

  45. No problem! Spread the word – why people want to use the Google KW tool is totally beyond me!

  46. ainsley says:

    Sigh! Would have been good to know before spending days getting an API and trying desperately to make it work on a mac. :(

    Thanks for all the effort on this, look forward to getting the mac version.

  47. Trevor says:

    Thanks Richard excellent plugin. Downloaded fine and installed.

  48. Euan says:

    has anyone just had their adwords api token revoked when used in conjunction with this? I’d applied using an already existing MCC level account and happily used the tool for a number of weeks and it’s now been revoked. There’s apparently been a spate of these as discussed on search engine land. Just wondered if anyone else had this issue? I’m not exactly a heavy user!

  49. Richard says:

    Hi Euan,

    Many SEO folk have had their token revoked – specifically, when the MCC appears to have no PPC account management activity. I’d like to make it clear that this extension is NOT a causal factor to developer token revocation and you can reapply via the MCC.


  50. euan says:

    Thanks Richard, I certainly didn’t mean to imply using the extension resulted in the revoking of the token and sorry if it came across that way.

    The extension has been a wonderful time saver and I hope our token will be re-issued so we can continue to take advantage of it.

  51. Richard says:

    Oops – yes of course! Hope you get your token back!!

  52. Lisa Schotte says:

    google wants a screen shot or a design document of the application. can i just send them the actual plugin. i guess they are not handing out apis as easily as they used to.

  53. Darren Shaw says:

    Hey Richard,

    I’m also wondering about the global monthly search volume. Is there a function for that?



  54. Excellent, can’t wait to trial this out! Looks great, just need to buy some api credits :)

  55. @Lisa Schotte, google asked me the same question (for which application ? would you send a screen shot or document of the application)

  56. Lisa Schotte says:

    Google still has not issued me an api for this. I sent them all the details of this plugin. Has anyone else ran into this issue if so what did you do to get the api.

  57. I am interested in this answer too.

  58. Tom says:

    Incredibly powerful and a huge time saver. Can’t believe it’s free too! Many thanks

  59. For some reason I can’t get this to work on my PC (Windows 7 x64 with Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile) for Excel 2010 x64. Macros are fully enabled. I can see the plugin populates the cell when I put =getadwordavg(“cats”), but I get a #VALUE!

    It works perfect on my laptop Excel 2003 though. My conclusion is that there may be a problem getting the add-in to sync with the Adwords api in Windows 7. Already uninstalled and reinstalled the plugin with no luck.

    Any ideas or suggestions would be great.

  60. Hi Richard,

    It’s an amazing tool thank for creating this, I’m sure there were many hours/weeks put into it!

    Is anyone getting a error like this?
    Error: Google.Api.Ads.AdWords.Lib.AdWordsApiException – RateExceededError

    It’s about every 15 keywords on average when requesting volume. Using this formula: =getAdWordAvg(A1,”EXACT”,”US”,”WEB”)


  61. Mark Simons says:

    Holy Post Batman. I am working on a Analytics to Excel thingamajig and I can see some of the ideas in this going into that.

    Hopefully I can get it to a point where I can share it with everyone sooner rather than later!

  62. Alexandre says:


    Great post, great tool. Thank you.

    I’m just wondering if we can define the language. The results are different depedning on the language. For example CH-DE and CH-FR don’t provide the same data. Can we put the language in the fonction?

  63. Ive read all info, but i didnt found is that plugin for open source projects? Plz some1 help me with that..

  64. Rohan says:

    Hey Richard,

    This tools looks really exciting and can save me a huge amount of time. I wanted to ask, can I also get competition data and approx CPC data also with the keyword search volume? Will be a huge help to have this all in one place.

    Thanks again for sharing this great tool.

  65. Nik says:

    Hi Richard,

    Great plugin, struggled to get access intially but all sorted now.


  66. Hey everyone!

    For those asking for global search volumes, we’ve had that feature all along – by default:


    Would give you global search on exact match (550,000 searches). If you don’t specify a country location code, you get global :-)

    Hope that helps!

  67. And in one try I figured out how to still use the other variables:


    i.e. Still use semicolons but just leave the space for country location code empty.

  68. I don’y normally use semicolons – I’ll do something like this:


    Try playing with the array formulas (though turn off auto-recalculate!)

  69. Sorry, that’s a Dutch thing (we use a comma instead of a point for decimals, so can’t use commas as variable seperators).

  70. Cool – I didn’t know that #ExcelTrivia

  71. Jenni says:

    Could any one help me how to get one Google Adwords API key?

  72. Referencement Yandex says:

    If you want to get Google Adwords API you must have An account in MCC ( My Client Center) which allows you to handle multiple Adwords Accounts. If you didn’t activate MCC while creating your gmail account you can’t have the access to MCC. You must create another account here http://www.google.com/intl/en/adwords/myclientcenter/ Once created you can ask for google Adwords api. You will have to fill in a form, your request will be sent to google who will validate it or not

  73. Antti says:

    Thanks for a great API! This is a true timesaver! I also recommend to try http://nielsbosma.se/

  74. Unlock Stuff says:

    Just stumbled upon this now, kicking myself that I did’nt know about this way of doing keyword research earlier. Have tweeted about it to spread the word.

  75. Li Ma says:

    Thanks for sharing this great API AddIn for Excel! I am having some problem after installed the Setup file. I always gave me an error message when I run a =getAdwords formula.

  76. Hi Richard

    It seems that the tool has been hit by the latest API update on Google’s end. We have it installed on several machines and are now getting an error that “You are accessing an AdWords API version that has been discontinued”

    Is this a difficult thing to rectify? Does it need to be fixed by your developer team or is it possible for us to update settings somehow? Or is this tied to my API token?

    Any help appreciated!

  77. richard says:

    Hi Tom

    Yes we’ve updated the tool for the latest api version. just download the zip linked to in this post – it’s impossible to download the old version.

    Announcement here: https://seogadget.co.uk/update-adwords-api/

  78. Trond says:

    Hello Richard.

    Is it possible to do the same in Google Docs?

    I would be very happy if you could tip me of a way that makes it possible to automate all or part of the process via Google Docs, without the use of Excel.

    I also want to be able to import lists of place names, occupations, illnesses, and more from either files or database locally with us and get dumped this data directly into Google Docs that then handles keyword analysis automatically based on the imported data.

    Maybe you or someone else can point me in the right direction?
    Where can get/buy what I need?

    Any idea?

    Thank you in advance!

    // Trond

  79. Ben Neale says:

    Thanks for this – I’m planning on using for a keyword report – having read Dan Peskin’s post on SEOMoz – “How to Build an Advanced Keyword Analysis Report in Excel”.

    I’ve applied for the Adwords API – having set up a new MCC account – as you’ve suggested, but my application is still pending approval a week later. How long does it take typically? And what are the criteria for approval?

  80. Hey Ben

    It takes at least two weeks buddy – sometimes longer. Best of luck!


  81. Hey Trond

    I’m not sure we know how to get adowrds API data into GDocs. You might need to roll your own scraper. I sugegst starting out with Distilled’s how to: http://www.distilled.net/blog/distilled/guide-to-google-docs-importxml/


  82. Ben Neale says:

    Thanks Richard – that’s good to know. I’ll be patient then. I read somewhere else it was 2 days.

  83. Haha! I’d be delighted if it was 2 days…

  84. Scott says:

    Awesomeness again from the SEOGadget team! – Now is being a Mac user going to make this throw a wobbly? – I´ve had issues with Mac Excel extensions not quite performing as they should!

  85. Alas, Scott. No there is no support for Mac. It’s not us, (I’d love to support those shiny, virus proof little beauties), it’s ExcelDNA – the framework the extension is built in. Sorry!

  86. Ben Neale says:

    I’m on a Mac, and although I have Excel for Mac, I also run Excel for Windows on Parallels for anything that requires Excel to interact with an API. Once I have the data, I’ll save it and open the xls on Excel 2011 for Mac to do any data manipulation and reporting. It’s not ideal, but actually it’s a pretty good workflow.

  87. Scott says:

    Thats an excellent workaround Ben thanks!

  88. Ben Neale says:

    Hi Richard,

    I’ve just had a follow up email from Google, asking more questions about what i’m going to be using it for. Would it be OK to mention / link to your Excel Extension and Excel DNA?


  89. Galyna says:

    Can’t wait to use the tool but also waiting for API approval.

    @Ben, how about you? Have your account been approved? What did you write back to Google?

  90. Ben Neale says:

    I’ve hd several follow up emails from Google – normally about a week or so apart – each asking for more information – about how I am going to be using the API, and who else is going to be using it. I’ve explained that it’s really quite simple ( I want to be able to get Search Volumes from the Keywords Tool into Excel, and sent then links to this page and others which describe how it’s used.

    However they are asking for quite detailed information – hopefully grant e access soon. I’d like to get on with using it!

  91. Galyna says:

    Thanks for respond! I’d really appreciate if you will share once you get approved and maybe any other details Google needed from you.

  92. Damian says:


    Nice Tool :) iLove :)

    Do you integrate the new beta version of the keyword group idea function (soon)?

    Best regards

  93. Chris says:

    Any idea of how much this cost’s? For example Cost/Query? Any suggestions to get approved by Google?


  94. Sumit says:


    Thanks for the tool , its great.
    Also,is it possible to extract campaign/adgroup performance level data using this tool ?


  95. Tony River says:

    I got this a couple weeks ago, requested approval for an api connection, but my status is still “pending” nearly a month later. Yesterday I finally got an email asking me to for some additional info, I hope I don’t have to wait another month. This is what I am getting, in case the current “pending” key should have worked. TargetingIdeaService.get Error: Google.Api.Ads.AdWords.Lib.AdWordsApiException – QuotaCheckError.INCOMPLETE_SIGNUP_USER_INFO_PENDING @

  96. Newbie11 says:

    Hi there,
    I input the incorrect developer toekn on settup. How can I correct this?

  97. Jan says:

    Hi, i wrote a long article about the API as well, so if you’re interested check it out: http://www.kammerath.net/google-adwords-api.html :-) Cheers, Jan

  98. Alam says:

    @Richard Baxter
    Is it free to get Google Adwords API Key? Its asking for my Credit card.How i can use Google Adwords keyword finding in Microsoft Excel for free?

  99. Alam says:

    @Richard Baxter,
    If i create account for Google Adwords API Key using my Credit card and get approved by google for developer token, then if i Setup the Microsoft Excel tools And Use for keyword research, is it gonna charge from my credit card?

  100. Ben Neale says:

    Nearly 3 months after my application – with about half a dozen email during the first 3 weeks, followed by 2 months of silence, I have finally heard back from Google. They declined my application, with the following explanation:

    “Please note, as per the API T&C’s, usage of the AdWords API exclusively for Targeting Idea Service (TIS) and Traffic Estimation Service (TES) such as keyword research and keyword suggestions is not allowed. Due to this, we are unable to approve your token application.”

    Given that I told them how I would be using the API on day one, you’d think they could have mentioned this then, and saved me the bother!

    Any ideas about what my next move should be would be greatly appreciated.


  101. Alam says:

    please anyone help me in buying API.i need details about cost, how many keywords i can get, how long its going to stay, how i have to pay and many more if you know

  102. Sumit says:


    Is there a way i can pull campaign performance report using this plug in ?


  103. Jon says:

    $0.25 per 1000 queries.

  104. Jon says:

    You can’t for free.

  105. Sean says:

    Is it possible for me to modify this for use with Bing’s API? Or do you happen to have an updated one that works with both Google and Bing?


  106. Marcel says:

    Hi there,
    thank you for this tools of awesomenes. I have a little problem though: the tool never throws me results for january if I enter the following request: =arrayGetAdWordStats(“fahrrad”;”EXACT”;”DE”;”WEB”). Could you help me with that? Thanks in advance,

  107. Richard says:

    Hi Marcel,

    Looks like you’re using teh array formula for a single keyword – if you make a table (CTRL+L) and name it “KW” with a list of keywords, the formula would look like this:


    For a single keyword, a formula more like this will work:


    Hope that helps,

  108. Marcel says:

    Hi Richard,
    thank you very much for your answer. I appreciate your support.
    Unfortunatelly it still doesn’t work. If I request the getAdWordStats I still don’t receive results for january no matter whether I use arrays or single cells.
    The formula =getAdWordStats(B2;”EXACT”;”DE”;”WEB”) – B2 beeing the KW “bmx” in this case – presents the following column of figures:


    Any idea? Sorry for spamming the comments ;)
    Thanks again,

  109. Freddy says:

    Hi Richard,

    Same here :(

    Tried for a couple of kwds in broad web and searched in the land down under but no luck here.

    Thanks for your support

    Looking for your help.


  110. Damian says:


    Why is the Broad-Request not anymore possible? Because in the Keyword Research Tool of AdWords, Broad is still available…


  111. Jeff Gold says:

    Hi Richard – I’m getting this message. Any ideas? thanks for your help. “TargetingIdeaService.get Error: System.IO.FileNotFoundException – Could not load file or assembly ‘System.Web, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=…”

  112. Thomas Schonenberger says:

    Hi Richard

    Been using this plugin for a long time now and it really makes a big difference. Great piece of work that you have given away.

    Lately a few of us have had a severe problem with [RateExceededError]. It used to be 1 in 15 like Alexander above mentioned, but now it has become so severe that the tool is not useable.

    How do we go about throttling down or fine tuning the settings for the query rate? It seems we simply hitting it too fast, or is this a error a sign of another problem?

    Any help most appreciated!

  113. Thomas Schonenberger says:

    Thank you Mr.Baxter for the quick response – Seems I should be using the =arrayGetAdWordStats(Sheet1!A1:A345,”EXACT”,”GB”,””) function instead of running a single api query per line!

  114. Jack says:

    I guess I’m late to the party. Just found this, having a look now.

  115. Gus says:

    Hi Richard,

    Wondering if you have encounter the following issue when installing the AddIn:

    “Run-time error ‘1004’ – Unable to set the installed property of AddIn class”?

    Windows XP – Excel 2007

    Any advice is highly appreciated.



  116. Hi Gus,

    I asked our developer, Tom. Here’s what he said:

    It’s a known bug with Excel (not just XP) with no apparent fix. Seems to be caused by corruption of the registry which happens over time as new versions/addins are installed/uninstalled.

    Work around, rebuild machine and re-install or simply manually enable the add-in.

    For that to happen the XLL and (credentials modifed) config file need to be in the Addins folder (most likely there already as this failed attempt at auto-registering happens after the copying of files), then just go to the background menu and enable the addin.

    Hope that helps!

  117. Gus says:

    Thanks Richard,

    Will give it a try and let you know how it goes!


  118. Espen says:


    First of all thx for an awesome tool.
    If i would only get it too work properly itwould be great.
    When i am trying one of sthe standard functions=getAdWordIdeas(A1,”EXACT”,”NO”,”WEB”,”20″)i get the following error: the formula you typed contains error.
    If i then click on the desired keyword column it changes formula to:=getAdWordIdeas(A1). It the produces ideas but not specified for Norway any longer. Please help.
    Thx in advance:)

  119. Espen says:

    It worked when i use the formula insert function:) But one showstopper for me is that i can’t define language. is this possible?

  120. Nigel says:

    Great tool, but what are the chances of getting this to work on MAC?

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