Top Page Analysis Meets HttpFox – an Awesome SEO Tool Combo (SEO Tips)

Here’s a little taster of what’s in store for my presentation at SMX London. This tip combines two SEO tools to make one awesome SEO weapon. SEOmoz’s “Top pages on Domain” and HttpFox, a server header analyser plugin for Firefox.

Want to work quickly through a new client’s domain to make sure all their high authority (or most linked to) pages are loading correctly or are being properly redirected?

Analyse your top URLs in sequence, quickly and easily

Install HttpFox and head to SEOmoz’s Labs area*. Do a query on a domain and activate HttpFox:

Top Pages Screenshot with HttpFox

*I edited out all the text between the search box and the “Displaying 1 to 25 Top Pages” to make a decent screenshot. How did I do that? Ubiquity. But, that’s a different blog post that I’m waiting for Tom to do sometime soon…

Now unclick the “autoscroll” check box and click start. With your top page URLs in view, click a link. A new Firefox tab will open and Httpfox will tell you the server header response straight away. If you’re happy with the outcome, press “Clear” and click the next link in the list.

Here’s something I found earlier:

Top pages SEOmoz tool

The 9th most linked to URL on this domain is no longer live and gives a 404 server header response. Low hanging fruit I’d say. Work through your top URL list for your new client, noting URLs to redirect as you work through the list. Google Webmaster Tools doesn’t always report 404 errors like this, which is why this tool combo packs quite a punch in your SEO arsenal.

Searchenginewatch, if you have a few authority URLs in error state available, I can supply a list of domains you could redirect them to? :-)

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2 thoughts on “Top Page Analysis Meets HttpFox – an Awesome SEO Tool Combo (SEO Tips)

  1. MikeTek says:

    This is a killer technique. I’ve already used it to find a few 404 pages with a decent number of inbound links on one of my client’s sites.

    To add some automation try copying/pasting the entire table from SEOmoz Top Pages to Excel (or similar), copying the entire URL column and pasting it into’s HTTP Status Codes Checker (which allows you to check bulk URLs). Then, using Firefox’s Find feature, just search for “404,” note each URL and hit enter to jump to the next. Saves some time.

  2. thanks for this tip – I actually did this manually with the SEOMoz labs tool without realising the httpFox tool existed. this will definately save a bit of time so thanks for the heads up!!

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