Teaming up SEO & PPC to turbocharge search performance

Our guide to connecting SEO and PPC for maximum marketing impact

SEO and PPC strategies are often considered in silo, yet this is to the detriment of overall search performance. When combined together in a holistic approach these two channels are the winning team you need to maximise efficiencies, safeguard performance, enhance your brand reputation and achieve maximum visibility.

With this guide you can be one step ahead of the competition by combining these two channels together for maximum effect. It details an array of tactics you can try, along with live examples to inspire you to take a fresh approach to winning at search.

Want to maximise ROI across both organic and paid search?

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Who is this guide for?

  • Marketing managers looking to maximise the impact of their strategies by adopting a holistic approach to search marketing

  • CMOs wanting to understand how they can increase the ROI of their marketing budget, reach more customers and effectively demonstrate the values of their brand in search

  • SEO specialists looking for ways in which they can more effectively work with their PPC colleagues, and vice versa

  • PPC specialist looking to creating great quality SEO content that puts their brand in front of users

In this guide, we’ll cover three core themes:

  • 1. Maximising return on investment

    This section covers six different ways in which you can reap greater return from your existing marketing efforts, from utilising segments in analytics to make your PPC campaigns hyper-targeted to generating budget efficiencies by rethinking your PPC bidding strategy.

  • 2. Expanding reach

    This section outlines four ways in which you can reach more of your potential customers, from using both channels to reach users at all stages of the buying journey, plus how to satisfy multiple intents within a single search.

  • 3. Influencing brand perception

    Finally, we discuss four ways in which you can take control of your brand image in search, as well as how you can outsmart your competition.

About the author

Sally Poundall

Senior SEO Consultant

Sally joined Builtvisible in 2021 and is a senior SEO consultant on the team. She has over six years’ experience in digital agencies and has worked with a range of clients in different industries, including household names such as IBM and Tiffany & Co.