Domain & Platform Migration for SEO

Avoid the risks inherent in website migration

There are many reasons why you might find yourself caught in the mess of a long and arduous site migration. Maybe you need to change your domain to reflect expansion into a new country? Perhaps you’re redesigning your site or going through a re-branding process? Whatever it is, it doesn’t have to affect your site’s performance.

We’re here to help you migrate your site as swiftly as possible while limiting any issues that can occur in organic search.

Domain & Platform Migration Leads to 107% Increase in Organic Traffic


Builtvisible’s technical team were hired to assist Red Hat with a large scale international and multi-lingual site migration, involving over 50 regionally targeted websites covering 8 languages. Our work delivered a 107% increase in organic traffic from English search queries alone.

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Site Migration Services

  • Moving to a new platform (e.g. from Drupal to WordPress).
  • Moving to a new top-level domain (e.g. from .org to .com).
  • Moving to a new country code top-level domain (e.g. to .de).
  • Launching a foreign language version of your site.
  • Consolidated different versions of your site into a single domain.
  • Migrating from HTTP to HTTPS protocol.

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