The Importance Of Building Your Own Website

Last Friday I attended BrightonSEO, my first big SEO conference as an SEO Executive and what I heard in some of the presentations really did make me sit back and take note of how important it is to know the insides and outs of the industry we are in. Do you really have a grasp of how SEO is forming around you? It was interesting to hear what the presenters had to talk about.

I wanted to follow on with a point that Richard Baxter made in his presentation “How To Be A Better SEO”. Richard’s presentation was inspiring for me and I am not just saying this because he is an amazing manager but for any SEO person out there take note of what Richard had to say because he was spot on. The goals you set yourself and the way you set out to achieve them are vitally important to how you develop in SEO and become better at what you do.

A question I hear many a times is how did you get into SEO? The answer, I developed my own website. Richard questioned in his presentation what SEO does not have a website and I question this too, if you are an SEO you should at least own one website. Last December, I decided that I wanted to build my own website and back then I had no idea about what SEO really stood for, to be honest. The reason I set out to build my website was because I had a goal, a goal to spread awareness about a medical hair loss condition because it is something I had suffered from and I wanted to help more people out there. My goal became my career in SEO, the passion I had for developing my website became a passion for me learning more about SEO and how to fix technical hitches that I encountered.

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Learning To Build A Website And The Basics Of SEO

When I learnt that SEO stood for Search Engine Optimisation to me that was a great achievement in itself, what was to come next on my SEO adventure was an even more amazing achievement. At the beginning I said right, I have these goals in mind and I want to build a website theme around a personal thing that makes me as an individual make a difference and advise people of a condition that they may know little about but how do I do this?

Learning from another SEO and taking on board their advice gave me that initial push and set me on my path to achieve my website goal and that I developed by myself. I learnt to set up a website from scratch, from choosing hosting to content writing for my own website, I learnt to optimise what I was writing on-page and build my website through off-page optimisation. These are the basics of building a website what is important is how you use this as a learning curve to question, how do you do this, how do I fix this, how do I rank for keywords I am targeting, how do I increase my page and domain authority, how and who do I link build to, these are just some of the things you encounter in building your own website but puts you on your stepping stone to the next goal.

From learning the basics of SEO and building a website of my own it has made me more confident as a person and made me become stronger in a key skill I used to know little about. I am now focussed on where I want to be in the future, working hard towards that goal with my head up and eager to learn more on my way. Learning should never end in life, if my website does not work I learn to go out and fix it, I seek solutions and I do mend it.

My self development is remarkable to me, from building a website of my own that led me to my first job in SEO and digital marketing. I project managed a whole web development project after 3 months of learning website management and SEO. I was responsible for planning the project through to design, implementation and the development of SEO and I successfully delivered the company a functional website which they did not have before, within time and within budget. I then moved to where I am today into an SEO Executive role for SEOgadget, I have an amazing team of people and management around me, who I call my SEOgadget family and I have learnt so much more from such a great company that I know with confidence our future will be the best.

Another point that Richard stated in his presentation was you should walk through your office door as though you are on stage so acting like the best person even when you do feel like everything is crap, I believe in this to. I have experienced that exact point recently where inside I was feeling crap but I went to the office head up and nailed what I was doing because no matter what I was determined to show I can do what I do best and the achievements even if exhausting has challenged me to fight on and get rid of the crap feeling inside. Having to go through personal issues and a website terror incident, which I learnt to fix, has not pushed me down and I walk in everyday the best person I know I am and show this. Seek support if you feel too crap though, I am lucky to have supportive members of staff all around me at the Gagetplex; so look to your team if you need a helping hand every now and again.

I am forever learning and inspired by the people that surround me and all this comes from developing my own website back in December 2011. My next goal is in place and will fill you in once I have next achieved this. Thank you Richard Baxter for employing me, for having faith in my ability, I will be a successful SEO Executive.

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10 thoughts on “The Importance Of Building Your Own Website

  1. Good on you Jenna.

    It always surprises me that so many people apply for jobs doing hands-on SEO work without having run their own website. The best way to learn is by actually trying something and of course the initiative and enthusiasm it shows will make such candidates instantly stand out from other applicants.

    Even managing to keep something as simple as a personal WordPress blog regularly updated over a several months is worthwhile. And, if you’re just starting off, the best thing is you’ll pick up basic aspects of SEO naturally without even realising you are doing so. Creating compelling content to attract and engage an audience, connecting with the people behind similar websites, passing on tips and earning links.

    Of course there are other skills you can pick up too – HTML, learning how to use Google Analytics and maybe some programming, all of which will be beneficial in an SEO role.

    Great talk in Brighton by Richard too!

  2. The way I see it is at least its a link. I try and get all members of staff to have one and if they don’t I offer to make them one.

  3. Nice ideas inside the post, apart from the big one which I agree: you can’t do good SEO without deep experience building, managing and growing a website. At least, in my opinion.

    And for sure, the more you know makes you better, even if you can get success without being a master in “all” fields that affect.

    By the way did I understood correctly you started your career building your first website from scratch on Dec 2011¿?

  4. JeannaH says:

    Thank you Philip! I do agree with you as well, I learnt so much from HTML and analytics. When I installed Google Analytics I was addicted to it and still am! I feel it is important to know where visitors have been referred from and what content they have landed on and where they have bounced off, to knowing how many have returned back etc.., so much more I could say on this topic, but yes knowing these things are all beneficial in an SEO role.

  5. JeannaH says:

    Hi Pablo, thank you and yes you understood correctly that I did start my website last December in 2011!

  6. Dian says:

    A lot of business owners have an aversion to SEO and everything that smells like coding, so unfortunately they don’t understand how important it is. Lucky there are now a lot of online website builders that makes it simple for businesses to open a worthy website. I can say that in (the website builder I used) there were good SEO options and I managed to put up a good website even though I am not very good with computers..

  7. This is such an important thing for SEOs and web developers to know. I think Dr. Pete was the one who said that if you don’t have design or development experience, you’re really just a content curator. Knowing code and how to maintain a website can cut down on the learning curve and help with troubleshooting.

  8. Rod Banner says:

    Nice business. Good positioning. Great piece. Jenna you have a brilliant attitude. Well done.

    Just one pedantic point. When you write “I believe in this to.” The ‘to’ should be spelled with two ‘o’ s. Thus: “I believe in this too”. Hope you don’t think I’m being boring….

  9. Lee R says:

    Great read! I’ve owned plenty of sites over the years (20+) but only recently discovered SEO. Through following links and reading blogs from other SEO experts (seomoz,seogadget etc), googling phrazes and techniques mentioned i’ve managed to get pretty much all my test sites within the top 10 Google results for high competition keywords in under 6 months. New project starting so i’m at it again, looking for good solid information, tips and tricks to give my site the right start.

  10. James Norquay says:

    Hi, I agree.

    I feel that making your own website is a great way to start in digital/SEO. Way back in 1999 I started building websites and in around 2003-2004 I started realizing around SEO and internet marking and the benefits around it. Years later and after making $xxx,xxx+ via my websites I decided to get a job in consulting for large business. Today any one who I manage directly I really push them to get a website set up and push out weekly blog posts, the best advice is I give them to make a website about something you like or about digital.

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