SEO in 2013: My Presentation from Search London

I couldn’t possibly predict what’s happening to SEO in 2013 in a presentation lasting 20 minutes. I could, however talk to you about some of the traits and skills a successful search marketer may have in 2013.

After seeing me speak at Brighton SEO and SearchLove, Jo very kindly invited me to come and talk to the Search London crowd (and what a cool crowd they were).

Broadly, I believe that in 2013 SEO will graduate and become closer to “classic” marketing than it has ever been. We as a profession need to master talking to the right audience, working with big data, creating awesome and creative content concepts that are totally relevant to our target’s interests, and above all things, learn how to effect change.

I had a great evening, and I just want to thank the Search London team for having me!

SEO in 2013 – Search London – Richard Baxter [] from Richard Baxter
Image credit: Chris Brown

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