Responsible Marketing: Redefining Brand Power and Consumer Trust

  • Old Sessions House, London, EC1R 0NA
  • 9:00 am to 10:30 am
  • 15th Sept 2024
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Trust in British media is at rock bottom. Sensationalism, misinformation, biased reporting and lack of transparency have shattered consumer confidence. As brand owners, the media and industry leaders, we all have a crucial part to play in reversing this downward spiral to foster a more responsible and trustworthy media environment.

Forget complacency, this new era demands integrity

The ability to navigate and support responsible marketing and media practices is what will distinguish industry leaders from the rest. Brands that champion transparency and authenticity will not only survive but thrive in this challenging landscape, rebuilding trust and forging stronger connections with audiences.

Join us for a 90-minute thought-provoking breakfast panel event, where we’ll explore the challenges, opportunities and responsibilities that brands face in navigating and supporting responsible marketing and media integrity.

Your host

Olivia Wiltshire

Head of Content and Promotion

Olivia is Head of Content and Promotion at Builtvisible, having joined as a junior SEO back in 2014.

Grounded in strategic nous, Olivia and her team support brands’ organic growth through the delivery of audience-first content strategy, multi-faceted Digital PR & Promotion, purpose-driven copy and UX/UI. Never a team to settle, they are constantly developing their offering to ensure brands are connecting with customers in a lasting and memorable way – a must in this ever-evolving landscape!

When Olivia’s head isn’t thinking about brand stories and building meaningful connections, she’ll be listening to disco, and running around her local park. Catch her if you can…

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