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When circumstances change and goal posts move, flexibility, adaptability and agility are the order of the day. Your team may be full of energy to pitch in with content ideation and production, but without a strategy you’ll waste that valuable enthusiasm and resource.

A framework to re-position and re-build your content plans

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Who is this template for?

  • In-house content teams looking to pivot approach quickly

  • Content producers trying to add more strategic direction to their work

  • Content managers looking for a more flexible and agile way of working

  • Content marketers needing to refocus their teams' efforts and enthusiasm

What to expect?

  • A flexible content strategy template

    for when circumstances change and goal posts move

  • A strategy to focus enthusiasm and resource

    for teams with energy for content ideation and production

  • A framework to re-position and re-build your content plans

    to get things back on track

  • Six sections to fill out

    to get you started!

About the author

Emily Clayfield

Head of Content Strategy

Emily leads the content and creative teams at Builtvisible and is responsible for making sure our clients receive mind-blowing content strategies, flawless copy and jaw-dropping creative.

She’s been part of the Builtvisible family for the last six years after a stint peddling high performance cycling equipment in the French Alps. Her relentless commitment to quality, performance and progress has cultivated a truly remarkable content product which excites and inspires brands all over the world.

Outside the office, Emily enjoys learning about space exploration, practicing yoga and taking any opportunity to show off her French and Italian language skills.

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