Putting Your Audience First in Online Marketing

Whether you are working with clients or just trying to convince your boss about the importance of online marketing, it can be a struggle no matter how many statistics and SEO terms you try to explain. But one thing that almost no client can deny is when you explain the benefits of online marketing strategies in terms of what their visitors will get out of it. In this post, we’re going to look at the top online marketing strategies today and how they benefit the most important thing to your business: people.

Content Marketing

One of the main selling points for content marketing in the SEO industry is the more content a website has, the better it will do in search engines. This is for three reasons. One, Google loves great content. Two, there is more content for Google to index. Three, your content can help you rank for more long-tail keyword phrases.

The benefits of content marketing to your human visitors over search bots are much more valuable. Content marketing is probably THE most useful online marketing strategy for your visitors.

Helping Customers

When you create valuable information for your target industry, such as an SEO agency that shares the latest tips and news about the world of search marketing, you help your customers learn. They don’t just learn about your business and services, but they learn about the things they could be doing on a regular basis to ensure a higher level of success online. Businesses in any industry can take this approach – just create content that gives value, and your customers will be eager to come back for more.

Supporting Your Products

There are a lot of people who would much rather find answers on their own than have to rely on your support. Hence, creating supporting documentation for your products will help them be self-reliant and get their answers at any time, day or night.

While it would be great to make something so easy that no one would need any help with it, the fact remains that every great products still leaves users with questions. Rely on your sales and customer service team to let you know what those questions are so you can create content on your site so customers can help themselves and continually be happy with your product.

Search Marketing

Obviously, the main goal of search marketing is to make search engines (Google in particular) love your website enough to rank it well. But many search tactics can help your visitors out as well.

Making Content Stand Out

If your content is created with the goal of bringing value to others, then you only increase it’s value by making sure people can find it. Make your content stand out in search by having an eye-catching title and meta description. Claim Google Authorship as well to get your profile photo next to the content – that will make it hard for someone who needs it to miss it.

Helping People Find What They Want

Internal links are not just a good idea to help search engines discover ore of your content. They can help your website’s visitors discover exactly what they are looking for as well. As you are creating content for your website, ask yourself what other pages on the site people will want to go to when reading your content and link to it. This is a great way to increase sales and conversions for your business too!

Social Media Marketing

The biggest challenge to selling social media services is fighting your client’s notion that they don’t have customers on social media. The best way I’ve heard to counter argue is this: if your customers are people, then your customers are on social media.

Connecting with Fans

Social media allows your business to connect with your fans wherever they are. The majority is likely to be on Facebook, then Twitter. Depending on your industry (B2B or B2C), you’ll also likely find them on LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other networks.

Once you’ve found your fans, you can connect with them in multiple ways. You can connect by sharing media (images and video), asking questions, answering questions, linking to industry news, and having conversation.

What this does for your fans is show them that there are people behind your logo. If you do social media right, it will make them confident when they are ready to buy – they won’t feel like they are buying from total strangers anymore.

Providing Support

This one doesn’t just help your customers. When you offer support through social media, you’re allowing your support team to have more time to answer questions. The fact that they can provide simple answers faster through a tweet vs. a phone call means that more customers will get support without the frustration of going through an automated system and your support team can focus more energy into the more advanced support issues. It’s a win-win for everyone.

What other ways can content, search, and social media marketing benefit your audience?

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6 thoughts on “Putting Your Audience First in Online Marketing

  1. Dan Leibson says:

    Great article Kristi! I love the trend in search marketing towards #RCS. Putting your customer first is critical. Especially in one area you didn’t mention, reputation management. With impacts in SERPs, Social Media and other channels I feel its something search marketers need to start owning (and lots do). It’s really important to take customer criticism to heart, interact with them and attempt to solve the problem. If you just push it off to the side, or act like its the customers fault, these things can spiral out of control until it starts seriously impacting your business via negative SERPs showing up as well as negative shares on social media.

  2. Agua says:

    Awesome article. Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. WebsiteMBA says:

    Great and informative article, thank you very much! Remember also to keep in mind that your content should be original and useful for your users and you should add more content more often.

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    wow.. a well defined guide on target audience.
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    it’s really informative article.

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    Awesom… it realy helped me just starting online marketing.
    and it is realy well defined article.

  6. Rachel Ramos says:

    Awesome post. Thank you for sharing it with us. Many people seem to forget that their first priority when it comes to content marketing should be the audience. Keep the good work coming.

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