How to make an SEO activity plan

by on 22nd October 2009

The SEOmoz / Distilled Pro Seminar was, without a doubt, a hugely successful event. While the attendees eagerly await the publication of the DVD, I thought I’d provide a bit more background on some of the slides covering organisational SEO.

Planning Your SEO Activity

One of the key points I made at the conference was to have a plan. By first listing your objectives, and making them compatible with the commercial metrics that drive your business, it’s far easier to construct a  case to justify additional resource or agency support. In short, you’re creating a commercially driven SEO strategy, beyond simple traffic and conversion metrics. This post covers the primary stage of making your commercial SEO plan.

Structure your plan by activity over time

The diagram below follows a simple structure. Remember how I structured an SEO team? The left-hand side shows activities directly relevant to the roles and responsibilities in your group.Create an SEO plan

What should I include?

Don’t forget to include success criteria for each project, for example, you might plan to create a piece of keyword research in your analytics / research stream. The criteria for success could be as simple as how many keywords you managed to capture or the number of opportunities for new search types you spot throughout the research process.

Why plan so visually?

This is an ideal approach for early stage SEO strategy planning. Why? With a well planned and documented strategy, covering each of your disciplines, you’re able to think ahead, often more seasonally. You’re producing a really nice, high-level document that works to focus your own team while communicating to those working above your next move.


  1. Great stuff. Creating a commercially-driven SEO strategy is a must for any business even remotely involved in e-commerce.

  2. “you’re able to think ahead, often more seasonally” That is a key point. Anything that helps you plan in advance is crucial. Lots of new affiliate sites will have been setup several months ago to ready themselves for the christmas market.

    Seasonality is also critical in some markets, especially the holiday and recruitment sector.

  3. @Paul

    Totally. Halloween, Christmas, Valentines, Easter etc etc.

  4. Richard, I want to kiss you! Man, I hated that I was not able to attend this year but am especially glad now that I purchased the DVD in advance.

    We are currently refining our approach and processes and insisting that ALL effort be focused on success criteria. You just presented the finishing framework that visually displays a solid approach and a solid way to keep a project focused!

    A big SEO SWAK for this!

    • Thanks Dana! I’m looking forward to seeing the DVD myself; though a little nervous too! I’ve never seen myself present. Thanks for the kind words. When I get chance I’ll be writing up some more notes.

  5. I loved your blog Richard .Your tips are very helpful– I’m going to save them as reference material. Thanks.

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