Builtvisible Helps Office Space Search Service Office Genie Grow Organic Traffic with Technical SEO

40% Year on Year Organic Traffic Increase


Our remit

Builtvisible’s technical team were hired to assist Office Genie with a site wide technical audit. QA and assistance with ad-hoc issues along the project journey were provided.

What did we do?

Builtvisible were hired to perform an SEO audit reviewing organic traffic and visibility, whilst providing technical recommendations to maximise Office Genie’s onsite optimisation.

Builtvisible provided a bespoke techncial consultation including:

What were the results?

– 40% Year on Year Increase in Organic Traffic (Q4 2014 vs. Q4 2013)
– Sharp Increase in Organic Visibility (SM chart attached)
– 56% Year on Year Increase in Goal Completions


Find out more about Office Genie here.


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