Fixing a long-standing penalty resulted in 133% increase in organic traffic for comparison website.

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Our remit

Make it Cheaper came to us after an extended period of poor performance in organic search, needing a trusted agency to effectively identify and solve the problem.

We conducted a full review of their link profile and delved into their historic SEO activity. Having had a manual penalty previously lifted, but with traffic showing no sign of returning, our conclusion was that the domain was suffering the effects of the Penguin algorithm update.

What did we do?

To address the issue, we executed a detailed link audit and review of current link data submitted via disavow. Our work identified the following issues and action points:

  • An ineffective current disavow file
  • A significant volume of additional domains to be added to the disavow
  • A large volume of wasted link equity pointing at redirects or error pages

What were the results?

Fixing the steps above resulted in the following:

  • 133% increase in YOY organic traffic
  • 85% increase in organic visibility
  • 62.7% increase in conversions

What our client said…

“After receiving a manual penalty a number of years back due to some historical link building techniques, our brand lost a lot of its visibility in Google. Despite some disavow work being done by a previous agency we never recovered our rankings. It was time to call the experts in!

Builtvisible were able to diagnose the problem straight away, showing us that the domain was still under an algorithmic action. After a thorough audit of the link profile followed by recommendations to resolve this via a more comprehensive disavow, we immediately began to see our overall visibility increase and some of our key rankings increase their position.

Our brand is now going from strength to strength and we are comfortable knowing that all our hard work going forward is not being hindered by a hidden problem.”
Stefan Mustieles
Onsite & Technical SEO Lead, Make it Cheaper

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