Discovering the Northern Lights: how data-rich content positions airline as the ultimate travel provider

Discovering the Northern Lights

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The Challenge

One of the most awe-inspiring natural wonders of the world, the Aurora Borealis is a huge draw for visitors to Iceland and one of Icelandair’s biggest conversion drivers.

In light of that, we were asked to produce a piece of content to showcase the spectacle of this incredible sight while positioning Iceland as the world’s premier destination for experiencing it.

The Solution

Our solution was interactive microsite Discovering the Northern Lights. This showpiece serves as a primer for prospective travellers, exploring why the aurora happens, its role in history and — crucially — how they can witness it for themselves.

The piece’s core interactive component allows readers to get hands-on with the phenomenon. Featuring design by one of the world’s leading low-poly artists, curious users can alter environmental conditions, create their own aurora and gain a deeper understanding of the science behind the Northern Lights.


Rounded off with live-updating solar forecasts and striking, full-width imagery throughout, Discovering the Northern Lights serves as a key entrance point to the Icelandair website, capturing knowledge seekers and inspiring them to plan their own pilgrimage.

The Results

The microsite continues to drive a steady stream of highly relevant traffic to, and has since been translated into Danish and German. It forms part of a wide-reaching campaign focusing on what Iceland has to offer, running the spectrum from simple infographics to elaborate interactive content plays.

All of this, in tandem with our trademark search consulting and technical expertise has helped Icelandair retain its position as a major player on the world travel stage.

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