131% increase in organic traffic YOY leads to 111% increase in conversions

9k+ keywords now ranking on page 1 of Google for Spanish comparison site

Kelisto is a price comparison site based in Spain, helping consumers find the best deals across insurance, communications, energy and personal finance. Bringing together over 100 different service providers, Kelisto provides quick and easy comparison alongside independent advice for savvy shoppers.

The challenge

The Spanish firm came to us in early 2018 following a disappointing end to the previous year. After a series of Google updates organic performance had been steadily deteriorating and the team were desperate to halt the decline asap. Working with a lean budget and a small but willing internal team at Kelisto, we leapt into action!

The solution

We hit the ground running with an in-depth technical audit to get to the bottom of the issues causing the worsening performance. Our team found that the site was littered with problems including cannibalisation, duplication and reams of non-targeted, irrelevant and out of date content. Working closely with Kelisto’s development team we ensured the rapid and effective implementation of our prioritised changes to kickstart a turnaround in fortunes for the brand.

Priority areas included eliminating 28,000 doorway pages plus pages with no original content, which had been targeted by Google algorithms. Other thin and duplicate pages were also removed to tackle indexation bloat. The site’s sitemaps were updated as they were missing around 1,400 important pages and including 2,000 which shouldn’t have been there.

We set about fixing almost 2,000 broken links after our log file analysis indicated that over 60% of the crawl budget was being wasted on 4xx pages. Further internal linking improvements tackled Kelisto’s 2,500 orphaned pages as well as a widespread issue with inconsistent and often spammy-looking anchor text.

Much of the site’s content focused on a small number of very heavily used keywords, making for unnatural and unengaging customer-facing copy. We undertook a keyword research and mapping project, working with Kelisto’s specialists to rewrite content for over 500 pages, in turn allowing the brand to broaden out their targeting on key URLs and provide a better user experience.

We also discovered a history of dubious link building practices which we tackled with an updated disavow file. To bring up the quality of the remaining link portfolio, we collaborated with Kelisto’s skilled internal PR team to amplify our respective efforts and drive links from top Spanish publications like Cope, Expansión and El Diario.

Our ongoing work has focused on further optimising the massive site for effective crawl with additional improvements to internal linking and removing yet more outdated and duplicated content that wasn’t driving any traffic. Around 350 articles were targeted in late January, driving a boost in traffic to the section soon after:

The following months saw this approach, and success, rolled out across further site sections.

The results

Our initial firefighting was highly impactful in turning around the brand’s performance and rapidly bringing back the traffic that’d been lost in latter part of 2017 and early 2018. From here we began to grow visibility to record levels.

Together with the exceptional team at Kelisto we drove a 131% increase in organic traffic year on year leading to a 111% increase in the number of conversions.

The expansion of keyword targeting has led to an additional 9,100 keywords now ranking on page 1 of Google, with 4,000 of those in the top 3 spots – an increase of 430% from when we started!

The growth shows no sign of stopping with month on month growth continuing to date, even bucking typical seasonality trends.

These impressive results are a prime example of just what can be done with a small but highly targeted budget and a strong agency-client relationship.

“I have been working with agencies for twenty years. I can count on one hand the number of times I have come across someone as effective and professional as our Builtvisible SEO Consultant, Maria. I want to congratulate her and the wider team on our account for a job very well done. They are all dedicated, team players, problem solvers, never miss a deadline and most importantly the results that are being delivered with so little resource are really impressive. Both myself and the investors are delighted with Builtvisible's work.”

Cristina Rebollo, Marketing and Communications Director, Kelisto

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