Recent Locations Influence Google Search Results

Earlier this evening I decided it was high time I got another eye test, so I searched for “Specsavers” in


Anything out of the ordinary here? For me, yes! I was in Croydon this weekend and prior to leaving the house I carried out a few searches for the location of the party we went to and the hotel we were staying in later on. While searching, I added one of those locations to “my locations” in Google Maps.

It seems this now means that for a few brand searches, my most relevant results are based in sunny Croydon:


I’m suspicious it’s a combination of a few factors:

– Previous / search history in Google Maps
– “My Maps” Locations
– Exact searches for brand names or domains that have a Google Business listing in the nearby area

I’ve never seen this type of result before, though to some experts who focus more on local search, this may not be as much of a surprise. Either way, it’s cool to see relevant local results served even if I’m nowhere near Croydon today. The map result was useful, and I found my local store just as easily.

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One thought on “Recent Locations Influence Google Search Results

  1. Tom Szekeres says:

    I’ve got a strong feeling we’re going to be seeing more of these kinds of results over the coming months, although weirdly I don’t get this feature appearing in my personalised results yet – despite actually living in Croydon (I’ll add I’m a heavy Google/iPhone user, and Google Maps definitely knows where I live when I’m signed in).

    From a cynical point of view, however, would Google really implement a feature that could harm its PPC earnings? Part of the appeal of PPC is that you can provide more geo-relevant results, so why remove this incentive for advertisers?

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