Mark-up location data on your pages with the hcard microformat

by on 20th July 2009

Chris Silversmith writes “Should You Geotag Pages For Local SEO?” over at Search Engine Land today, giving a thorough overview of the hCard Micro-format, its uses and possible alternatives.

In his post, Chris writes:

In the past, I’ve strongly recommended the use of semantic markup in the form of hCard micro-formats as a component of local search optimisation. hCard allows contact info such as addresses and phone numbers to be disclosed precisely to devices that are able to read them.

Let’s take a look at a working example of hCard in action. For the purposes of demonstration, I’ve decided to use an example job posting – for our friends at Distilled who are recruiting for their latest Web Developer position.

Fortunately, the good folks at have built a hCard creator, which enables quick and easy templates that fit your available data. Here’s a screenshot:

microformats hcard creator

Instantly, you can see how easy it is to markup your page using this Microformat, provided you have the correct data available.

Here are those newly marked up details as displayed on the bottom of the page in all of their glory:


And here’s the actual code

As Chris puts it, “Will this give your pages some sort of ranking advantage? Not really.” – but there’s no doubt that rich snippets could one day give you an advantage over the other nine results in the organic results, visually. In my opinion, now is the time to start experimenting with structured data in your HTML markup, especially as search engines move rapidly towards supporting the standards.

To that end, my experiment will be to use the structured hCard approach in each of my job postings. Not too much of a problem, I just need to hack the markup into my Contact Form 7 output :-)


  1. Great stuff!

    Every time a webmaster adopts semantic markup and microformats it’s one step closer to a better internet.

  2. Hello,

    I’m interested in bringing my website/business to the front of the search engines, did I say that right? When someone is searching for a Virtual Assistant, I would like my name to be on the first page that comes up. I went to the hcard creator and filled in the information and then hit the “build” button. What happens after that? Am I supposed to copy and paste this format somewhere? Obviously, I am not technical at all. Can you help me to understand this better?

    Thank you,

    Executive Virtual Services

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