Make a Dynamic Title Tag in Your Blog Header Logo

Over the last day or so I’ve been tweaking SEOgadget to load a little faster on page refreshes. It was getting quite slow with all of the conditional routines and server requests in this theme. The Ubuntu category targeted adsense blocks were the final straw, with the entire sidebar being such a dog that the rest of my page load performance was terrible. Most of my performance optimisation work focused on improving the sidebar and header but there are still lots of other areas to improve. If you’re interested, check out Joost’s excellent tips on how to speed up and clean your WordPress.

Dynamic title tags

While I was working in the header I decided to try a little code to the alt and title tags on my site logo to try to improve the overall relevancy of my pages to the subject they discuss. I’ve got H1’s and H2’s and some reasonably good content so where to next? Here begins “dynamic title tags”.

If you look at the html code for my logo in this post it should look like this:

img alt="Richard Baxter's SEO Blog" title="Make a dynamic title tag in your blog header logo" src=""

dynamic title tags

Here’s how it’s done:

<span><a href=""><img src="" title="<?php the_title(); ?>" alt="Richard Baxter&#39;s SEO Blog" /></a></span>

By inserting the_title tag into your title attribute you can add just a little more relevance to your optimised blog title without doing any extra work. I like those types of SEO tweak!

How much difference will this title attribute modification make to your search engine rankings? Honestly, no idea. The outcome of these tiny SEO tweaks are always unpredictable and all I can say is, why not give it a try yourself? I’ve recorded some metrics to help me to decide later down the line.

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5 thoughts on “Make a Dynamic Title Tag in Your Blog Header Logo

  1. Andy Beard says:

    I would do it a different way, though this is something I should implement and have done in mockups for my long-in-the-tooth redesign.

    Your header should be just a text link for your primary keyword linking to the home page, which you then style with CSS.
    H1 header should be for the post title

  2. Hi Andy! Actually you’ve helped me spot a massive typo (now fixed) – basically in my HTML output code example, I’m missing the actual title tag! Basically, the backlink is via the alt tag (containing “SEO blog”) and my title does the relevance thing. Hope that clears it up?

    I really like the CSS style link feedback too though and I’ll give that some thought.

  3. Listorbit says:

    In seo it s all about experiments so I will try this.

  4. Geekyard says:

    Cool I changed my header text with Image :) Now my blog looks cool with header image ;)

  5. Wonesty says:

    One of the best information i heard about the Dynamic header logo, it was interesting i will try to change my blog logo using this technique

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