Link Analysis

Create a link portfolio that works for your business

Link building is often seen as the lifeblood of SEO, but removing harmful links can have an even greater effect on how your site is performing.

We use a variety of tools to analyse your link profile. We then process the data to identify any poor quality links and devise a strategy to ensure they no longer have a negative impact on your site.

Link analysis can also help us to identify new opportunities for building or reclaiming links to increase your site’s authority.

Our approach

Data Collection

We collate data on inbound links to your site from a variety of sources.

Crawl, Scan, Analyse

To ensure a reliable dataset, we re-crawl every linking URL and gather dozens of additional data points. This includes nofollow flags, page metrics, anchor text, target URL, disavow status, and more.

Priorities & Actions

Our findings and recommendations are delivered to you in an easily digestible format, with clear visualisations of the data, pre-formatted disavow files, and prioritized next steps for your developers.

Pivot & Filter

Our experienced SEO consultants will use dozens of signals to identify toxic links, wasted equity, linked-to errors, priorities for realignment, and opportunities for growth.

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