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by on 2nd October 2014

The Grepwords API is a powerful, fast endpoint for keyword search volume collection.

For a long time, its output was for US and “global” search volumes only, but that all changed thanks to Russ and his team. Now we have search volumes from Google in around 32 countries. SEOgadget for Excel supports these new locations with just a simple change to your query syntax.

A quick primer on keyword research with Grepwords

Working with Grepwords and SEOgadget for Excel is easy – follow this introductory video for a quick primer:

What’s the change?

It’s a really simple addition to the same syntax you’re already using. There’s no need to update your installation, although I’d advise you to check and make sure you’re using the latest distribution (we’ve fixed some issues with Moz). You just add one of the country names listed in the 5th argument, just like this:

Or, if you’d like to fetch search volumes for a list of keywords in a range of cells:

Notice I’ve referred to a table called #grepwordslookup. Using the [#All] character at the beginning of the table name stops the table moving every time you refresh the formula. Handy.

Obviously, “canada” is but one location. Here’s the full list:

Country API parameter Keywords
Brazil brazil 3,297,256
Bulgaria bulgaria 465,080
Canada canada 8,841,539
China (simplified) china_simplified 665,401
China (traditional) china_traditional 611,844
Finland finland 751,213
Germany germany 6,007,999
Greece greece 315,796
Hungary hungary 378,640
India india 5,333,614
Ireland ireland 4,050,076
Israel israel 432,298
Italy italy 4,473,976
Japan japan 1,962,432
Mexico mexico 4,883,220
Netherlands netherlands 693,626
New Zeland newzealand 2,489,884
Norway norway 221,620
Poland poland 1,481,989
Portugal portugal 1,716,764
Romania romania 566,095
Russia russia 2,180,883
South Africa south_africa 2,559,010
South Korea south_korea 254,535
Spain spain 4,661,185
Sweden sweden 521,601
Turkey turkey 1,625,199
United Kingdom united_kingdom 11,392,439
United States us 90,000,000+

Enjoy having a little more flexibility in your keyword research! Remember, you can take a closer look at SEOgadget for Excel.

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