8 interesting examples of data visualisation

by on 18th November 2011

This is an older, albeit interesting blog post. If you’d like to see more up to date examples of interactive infographics and data visualisation, take a look at our latest work, or get in touch to find out more about our content marketing and development services.

We’re near constantly working on our content and data visualisation capability for our clients, and while infographics are still a solid way to build links with the right methodology, it’s great to have a portfolio of impressive examples of interactivity to share.

Here are a collection of some of our favourites:

The Evolution of the Web

evolution of the webevolution stats

How Many Households are Like Yours?

householdshousehold stats

The World’s Best Countries

best countriesbest country stats

Fedex – Our Changing World

fedexfedex data

Picturing a Lifetime of Clean Water Access

waterwater stats

The Future of Workplace Mobility

workplace mobilityworkplace stats

The Evolution of Western Dance music

evolution of western dance musicevolution stats

Eurozone debt web: Who owes what to whom?

world debtsworld debt stats

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