Install Readair in Ubuntu for a great desktop RSS experience

ReadAir is an application built on Adobe Air that brings your Google Reader to your desktop. I’ve been looking for the right desktop RSS reader for my Ubuntu machine and I’m really happy with this one: (Click to enlarge)

Install Adobe Readair in Ubuntu Linux (Click to enlarge)

Readair is a wonderfully simple and easy to use platform with the only missing feature being the keyboard shortcuts offered in the browser version of Google Reader. There’s definitely keyboard shortcuts in the development pipeline and you can keep your eye on feature requests and their progress by monitoring the discussion in this Google group.

Installing Readair in Ubuntu

Installing Readair is really easy if you’ve installed Adobe Air already. If you don’t have Adobe Air on your Ubuntu machine, follow these instructions to install it.

When you’re ready download the latest version of Readair from and save the .air file on your desktop. In Ubuntu, if Air is correctly installed you should just be able to double click the saved file and ok the installation process from there. Easy.

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One thought on “Install Readair in Ubuntu for a great desktop RSS experience

  1. G.N.R.S.U says:

    gmdesk is also good

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