How to install Ubuntu using Wubi from Windows Vista

Before you do anything I would strongly recommend you back up your Windows installation just incase. Nothing went wrong when I first installed Ubuntu, but better to be safe than sorry!

Here’s how to do it

1) Go to – the home of Wubi, the Ubuntu installer. Run Wubi!

If you’ve got the space on your hard drive, go for 30gb or more for the installation size.

2) Now configure your installation using the simple settings options. You can specify the location of the Ubuntu installation on your Windows partition, the size of the Ubuntu installation, the Ubuntu flavour (Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, etc), your preferred language, and a username and password for the Ubuntu system.

When you click install, you’ll see this screen:

As soon as the files have finished downloading, you’ll see this:

Time to reboot Wubi installer

3) That’s it! Click reboot now, and select “Ubuntu” on the startup screen

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11 thoughts on “How to install Ubuntu using Wubi from Windows Vista

  1. Anuj says:

    Wubi sure give an easy way for windows addict to try something new easily.

    Cheers to linux!!!.

  2. vanajan says:

    I installed everything ubuntu exactly like the picture that posted above but after rebooted my computer i dont see ubuntu it just takes me directly to vista os. Anything i have to or did i make a mistake in my installation?

  3. hitesh thappa says:


    Does this installation need an active internet connection. If yes then what’s the need of a Installation Cd when its downloading ubuntu.

  4. arg says:

    hi! is there any way to increase the size after having installed ubuntu using wubi???

  5. sudhir meena says:

    Ubuntu installer takes lot of time to intall in my LP (OP vista) about 100hrs ,can u please give me suggestion for decrease this time.

  6. sra says:

    i wud like to install ubuntu using the downloaded iso file …………… wubi as client for installation only…..not to download again….if u can please help me out !!!

  7. obrey says:

    u can open the iso file with winrar or 7zip and find wubi.exe inside it.just double-click it and it will install using iso file.another way, u can mount the iso file and do the same thing

  8. Jack says:

    I did all of the described steps on my acer travelmate 2300 laptop,and when I select ubuntu on reboot the screen shows the start up UBUNTU slogan then goes blank and stays that way. IE the install never finishes.

  9. toups06 says:

    Just like every other ubuntu install, it only works 1 out of 10 times…. Until this problem is solved unbuntu will never become a mainstream O/S.. Hate to say it , I love Ubuntu…

  10. slgf says:

    can i install ubuntu with 3gb installation size?

  11. Abdulrahim says:

    thank a lot
    I have question, I have to hard disk as physics, but one of them is Win7 another Ubuntu but in this hard disk more size
    how can I benefited from the rest of the hard disk?

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