SEOgadget for Excel: How to Get Your Back Link Data with MajesticSEO's API

One of the biggest problems we’ve always had with our new users getting to a confident user level with SEOgadget for Excel is simply put, the level of accessibility of the documentation. Learning a completely new syntax for 6 different API services is, hard.

I really hope we’re helping there with the instruction manual, but I’m also in the process of recording some short videos on getting started with the tool itself. Here are the first two:

How to Install SEOgadget for Excel

Here’s the long over due “how to” on installing the guide:

How to Get Your Back Link Data with MajesticSEO’s API

Here’s the first instructional guide – on using Majestic’s GetBackLinkData service API to download all of the links to your site:

Enjoy, and do let me know how you’re getting on in the comments.

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Here’s the instruction manual – take a quick peek or download the full file and get started!

Happy analysing!

Image credit: Chris Morris

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