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Even before I started out blogging back in 2007 I made a bold claim in a guest post on one of the most important blogs in that time: You don’t need conventional SEO, you just have to create a great site and great content and solely promote these a little.

One of my main suggestions was to submit your well designed site to CSS galleries.

Back in those days many sites were still done in Flash. Flash websites are rare these days for good reasons but the technique I propagated back then still hasn’t gone mainstream.

Isn’t the SEOgadget site worth being listed in a web design gallery?

Low level SEO practitioners still rather advise you “to submit to social bookmarking sites” even though they mean sites like Reddit or StumbleUpon which never were about social bookmarking in the first place and even Delicious has abandoned the strict social bookmarking model by now.

In 2012 most business people design great sites and create great content, everybody knows that you need both a great user experience and well crafted content adding value to:

It’s not just about great user experience and great content, contrary to what some Google employees might suggest. Build it, write it and they will come doesn’t work.

It’s about promoting your greatness in places where people can appreciate it. Then these people and others will link, share and convert.

So whether you succeed online today or not depends on the fact whether you reach a targeted audience of influencers who can have an impact on others. It’s about finding those influencers. You can do it on

Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest or even Google+ depending on your industry or niche but it takes a lot of work to build an audience there. Why not go where the people already are? Why not tap into existing communities? Why not please people who already wait for your great design and content?

Today I want to show you places where such small highly dedicated communities dwell and who await your submissions

unlike social bookmarking users who do not in most cases. There are literally hundreds of submission sites for web designs, design news or even special content types like infographics. I’d like to focus on sites that are high quality, where existing audiences can appreciate your submission.

So this is not a list about all the sites you can submit but only a handful of those that are worth it: High quality web design showcases, news & infographics submission sites


Web Design Galleries

There are three kinds of sites in this list category, web design galleries, minimalist web design showcases and pure CSS galleries. The name are already quite self-explanatory so don’t submit Flash sites to CSS galleries or complex portals to minimal design exhibits.



Design News

Some of these design news sources are one man shows curated by the owners, others are communities where you have to join. On DesignFloat there is even voting involved to appear on the front page. Sometimes you have to fill in a contact form in other cases it’s possible or even better to contact the curators via Twitter.



Infographic Sites

Some sites that feature infographics are nothing more than simple Tumblr blogs. There is an ages old authority like information aesthetics I was reading as far back as 2005 I think, long before the infographics wave we experience until now. There are also some communities you have to sign up for.



Also don’t forget that it’s not the typical “submit your site to 1000 social bookmarking sites ” aka spam. Don’t automate the process and duplicate your descriptions. Make sure to submit manually to the appropriate sites.

It’s not about the sheer number. You want to attract the few influencers who check out these site and inspire them to spread your link.

Also there is always someone who checks whether the site/content you submit is high quality as well plus on topic. So don’t waste your time and the time of other people by submitting your site where it does not belong.

You think your website is not about web design so you have nothing to submit? Well, you have a web design, don’t you? In case you don’t you may need a relaunch. Otherwise create a case study or write a story about how your web design helped with sales. Everybody can do that. Or create an infographic about your industry. There is always a way to approach the web design community.

Last but not least don’t forget about Pinterest users who might pin your website as a whole as long as there is a screenshot somewhere like in this post.


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10 thoughts on “High Quality Web Design Showcases, News & Infographics Submission Sites

  1. James M says:

    Hey Tad

    I fairly recently started up an infographic website where people can submit their infographics and I post on their behalf to help spread it. I would love for you to check it out and see if it would be worthy of being included in this list.

    Thanks, James

  2. Tad Chef says:

    Hey James,

    I’d love to check it out but the URL you entered seems to be wrong: infographi.co.za

  3. Well, do not get me wrong .. but again it seems you are trying to build links that would otherwise be acquired naturally .. I mean if the links are tagged with no follow attributes, they are good and you are safe .. but again submitting the same infographic to dozens of sites just to get backlinks to your website.. is not way to go ..

  4. Superb list Tad, will try them out. I was going to do a similar style list but have been looking at infographic creation sites at the moment.

  5. Tad Chef says:

    Deb: Not dozens. A few high quality sites. The people who follow them will ideally spread the word. It’s not about the few nofollow links.

    Keith: Thanks for the feedback, really appreciate it!

  6. hi you might want to include http://www.newsfix.co.uk – an infographic site for the UK market

  7. Brent Nau says:


    You can add http://www.infographixdirectory.com to your list as well. I would also suggest adding http://www.reddit.com/r/infograhics/ , this Flickr group for infographics http://www.flickr.com/groups/16135094@N00/, and these cool ones http://www.bolt.com and http://www.dartitup.com

  8. Andy Smith says:

    I think he just missed off the “c”. infographic.co.za works. Looks nice.

  9. Matei says:

    Hello Tad! Nice post. You’re right about the duplicating descriptions… I saw a lot more results when original descriptions were written, even if it takes a little more time.

    I would also like to add to the post that there’s a new infographic website to which you can submit! It’s called Infographic File http://www.infographicfile.com/ They’re fairly new, but they show promise.

  10. Webseekers says:

    Thank you for posting the great List….Keep sharing

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