Grepwords – Powerful Keyword Research without Adwords

Google took away the Keyword Tool, and pretty much every SEO Agency’s API access earlier this year. Let’s not hold it against them, though, because Grepwords is amazing and it’s available in SEOgadget for Excel.

You’ll remember that for the longest time, I’ve taught keyword research and categorisation methodologies using our Adwords API Extension for Excel. Given Google’s stance on the usage policy on that platform, we can no longer support it – you’ll see it disappearing quite soon. Right now, especially in the US, the Grepwords API is where it’s at. It’s fast, reliable and extremely inexpensive.

Sign up for Grepwords and go and get started!

How to do some basic keyword research with the Grepwords API and SEOgadget for Excel

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Here’s the instruction manual – take a quick peek or download the full file and get started!

Happy analysing!

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2 thoughts on “Grepwords – Powerful Keyword Research without Adwords

  1. Just adding that you can specify a range of keywords instead of using a pipe separator. So, A1:A8 instead of “keyword|keyword2”. The limit seems to be around 150 keywords per call. We’re working on a chunk feature so you can batch larger volumes of keywords.

  2. Jeff says:

    Where did grepwords get their dataset? How large is it?

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