Google Analytics Auditing

Good decisions require good data.

A well-configured implementation of Google Analytics can be a powerful source of insight, highlighting areas to maximise conversions and enabling you to make better choices for your business. An outdated, unstable, or otherwise unreliable implementation can not only jeopardize your understanding of your customers but impede your ability to grow the revenue driven by your website.

Whatever challenges you’re facing or questions you’re asking, our consultants will provide the hands-on expertise that you expect and require. The experience of working with Builtvisible extends far beyond the routine technical aspects of digital analytics, and a partnership with us will empower you and your team with the robust, scalable, and bespoke reporting platform you need.

We build lasting relationships with our clients (just look at our 95% client retention rate!), which is why collaborations with Builtvisible start with an immersion day. These hands-on sessions are an opportunity for us to meet key stakeholders, understand the history of your Google Analytics implementation, and get the answers that we – as your agency partner – need in order to deliver the exceptional service we are known for:

  • How frequently is your Measurement Plan reviewed, and which micro and macro conversions are currently being tracked?
  • Which content on your website is driving engagement and pushing users down the funnel?
  • How closely do your ecommerce or conversion metrics line up with your site’s backend?
  • When was your Google Analytics implementation – including property configuration and filter setup – last audited for data integrity?
  • How effectively is your campaign tracking system helping you to attribute value to your marketing efforts?
  • Is your tracking implementation suitably adapted for any single page applications or cross-domain requirements?
  • Which Enhanced Ecommerce features are you currently using, and how are they implemented?
  • Would features dependent on CMS integration be of value to your business, such as product return tracking, offline transaction tracking, or cross-device login tracking with User ID?

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Our Google Analytics consultants give the world’s most exciting brands confidence in their analytics, help them understand their data and assist in data-led decision making. See more of our work, check out our beginners’ guide and Analytics blog posts, or contact us to talk about how we’ll help your company today.

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