Generate Infographic Embed Codes Quickly and Easily with this Tool

I can’t tell you how often I have to create embed HTML for images such as infographics. Just to save a little time, I thought I’d put together a little embed code generator based on Gravity Forms:

It’s actually very simple, but then again I guess the best things in life are. I hope it saves you time and if there’s a feature you find useful, drop a comment below.

Here’s the link:

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5 thoughts on “Generate Infographic Embed Codes Quickly and Easily with this Tool

  1. Elena Anne says:

    Thanks! Sounds like a great tool to use. I will definitely use it and tell you how much I love it because I am sure I will.

  2. mike says:

    Exactly what I was looking for. A little hard to find. Thanks for that

  3. mike says:

    Just one more thing, the wording comes out all big, is there anyway to control that. Also the box is smallish, is it possible to widen it, so that it almost fits the width of the infographic.

  4. Virrtuo says:

    Thanks for such a great tool Richard. Liked it a lot, its too easy to create embed codes.

  5. Awesome! Just want me and my team needs. Thank you so much Richard! :))

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