Fun with Godaddy's GeoDomainMap [Domain Buying]

godaddy geodomain map search

Looking for inspiring ways to come up with domain names you’re probably never going to use? Today I learned that remains unregistered thanks to Godaddy’s local domain search service, GeoDomainMap.

Godaddy’s new service asks you to set a location and a keyword you’re interested in. Next, the tool combines nearby location names and the keywords you supplied and “checks the GoDaddy database of available domain names and returns those that are available”.

Sadly, the tool didn’t seem to be working quite so well for the UK this evening, though there’s still a very long list of domains ending with SEO available in the US for those people looking to emulate the good work of our friends at LondonSEO.

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5 thoughts on “Fun with Godaddy's GeoDomainMap [Domain Buying]

  1. Matthew says:

    looks like a nice idea shame its not working so well in the UK.

    Also would work well if you only worked in a particular area / location and need some ideas for a decent domain name.

  2. Agreed – it might have made it into my local search tools if it worked locally. Still valid for US use, though I just can’t understand why it’s so bad here.

  3. says:


    Thank you for using our tool! As it is very new to our product lineup we currently only show US, Canadian, Mexican and Australian cities. However, because of this post our next rollout will include UK cities. We thank you for your support and hope our GeoDomainMap will help you and your readers find those hidden gem domains that we all love.

    Paul N.
    Director, Aftermarket Development

  4. I agree with this content as well..
    Thanks for the shairing

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