Firebug Not Compatible with Firefox 3

If you’re an SEO, you’ll be using Firebug. There’s a compatibility problem with firebug in Firefox 3 that results in the error message “firebug not a valid install package -207” or the error message below:

If you have this compatibility problem, help is at hand. Those wonderful folks at the Firebug working group have created a solution in the latest beta: so, you can upgrade your Firebug to the latest beta and it works with Firefox 3. Phew.

Update 2: A few people mentioned this – don’t worry about the Google Toolbar errors! The install auto-updates during the upgrade.

Update 3: A few readers have asked if this solves the problem with Firebug not working in Ubuntu. The answer: yes! :-)

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5 thoughts on “Firebug Not Compatible with Firefox 3

  1. atefkabani says:

    I have installed firebug 1.4.5 on firefox 3.5.5
    The installation completed successfully and I restarted the firefox
    Firebug didn’t restarted and it disappeared fromthe add on menu on firefox

  2. loopy says:

    Exactly the same problem: firefox 4.5.5, firebug 1.4.5
    There’s just no sign of firebug at all.
    What to do?

  3. Hi Guys – when Firebug disappears from the little grey status bar at the bottom of your Firefox install, I’ve found the quickest way to solve the problem is reinstall Firefox from the Firefox installation page. You don’t lose anything (bookmarks, plugins) but you do get Firebug back. Hope that helps!

  4. Aakanksha says:

    firebug & google keyword tool are not compatible!!! Everytime I open the keyword tool, Firefox 3.6.13 hangs.. after i deactivate firebug, keyword tool works perfectly.. weird!!

  5. Firefox latest release version 3.6.15 also dont support firebug. When will firebug release its stable version compatible with this latest firefox 3.6.15?

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