Examples of Using Great Content to Attract Business

We’ve covered everything from how to find your target audience to measuring your content marketing results. Now it’s time to look at some real content examples and strategies from businesses using different types of content to attract their target audience.

Content Strategy: Offering Free Useful Tools

While many businesses charge for their online toolset, others choose to create free tools to attract their target customers. For example, SEOgadget offers free tools for link building, content strategy, and infographics.


What are some benefits to offering free tools as a part of your content strategy? First off, people love to talk about the best tools – especially the free ones- in their industry with their audience. By creating free tools that are useful for your potential customers, you are likely to gain lots of great coverage by bloggers in your industry whose audience also will include your potential customers. This boils down to lots of links and lots of exposure for your business.

What can you learn from SEOgadget in terms of offering free tools?

Content Strategy: Designing Informative Infographics

Infographics are all the rage, and if you want to really make your infographics stand out, you should combine them on one page. For example, KISSmetrics serves up their collection of almost 50 marketing infographics on one page for easy access.


What are some benefits of creating infographics and offering them on one page? Asides from getting lots of links back to their website through the individual infographics themselves, they also have many links and social shares built up to this page as well. Plus many of those links will be on sites whose audiences would be interested in the analytics tool that KISSmetrics has to offer which means links and leads!

What can you learn from KISSmetrics in terms of designing informative infographics?

Content Strategy: Providing Valuable Resources in a Variety of Formats

People like their content in different formats including blog posts, eBooks, reports, whitepapers, webinars, and videos. For example, HubSpot is a hub for marketers looking for free resources in all of the above formats.


What are some benefits to offering free resources in so many formats? Aside from attracting your target audience across the board, you can use these free resources for lead generation. HubSpot lets you download and view their resources for free in exchange for your information – name, email, phone number, company, website, and additional stats about your company. Because their resources are so good, they can go beyond just gathering your name and email address – information that they can use for their own customer database.

If you’re going for exposure over leads, having a wide variety of content also gives you the option of promoting your business on many different platforms. HubSpot could easily promote their videos on all of the main video hosting networks (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.), their webinar slide presentations on Slideshare, their free reports and whitepapers on document sharing sites, and their eBooks on Amazon as free Kindle downloads.

What can you learn from HubSpot in terms of providing valuable resources?

Remember that while these examples are from the marketing industry, there are great ways to create valuable tools and content for other industries as well. What are the best examples you’ve seen of businesses using content to gain exposure and attract customers?

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