Examining traffic from Google’s AMP carousel

On April 4th I noticed we were seeing some growth in traffic to one of the AMP versions of our posts. A quick check in analytics revealed the AMP version of this post had indeed enjoyed an uplift in traffic.

With a bit more digging I found Builtvisible ranking Google’s AMP carousel for “Google”.

I made a promise to follow up and share some of the data, if it was significant.

It was and it wasn’t. Firstly, you get a lot of organic impressions if you get an AMP carousel Top Stories result for the term Google:

168,442 impressions, with a not unpleasant (although understandably low) 294 clicks in Search Console. Tom built a cool AMP dashboard in Google Analytics so we could track what was going on (and receive alerts if anything interesting happened).

That’s pretty much it, really – as we’re not a news publisher we don’t specifically target QDF / breaking news based terms, Obviously we’re lucky from time to time and something we publish does get a news result.

There’s definitely a bit of a traffic opportunity here so, if you have a blog I’d recommend you investigate getting into Google News and getting your site configured for AMP.

Hopefully this is of some interest, find out more about AMP here or if you have any questions let me know in the comments!