E-E-A-T for Ecommerce SEO

Our guide to mastering E-E-A-T and site quality for ecommerce SEO

E-A-T gained an extra E – for ‘Experience’ – to become E-E-A-T and, with the rise of AI-generated content, this concept will be critical. E-E-A-T is extremely important for ecommerce brands – and any site that writes on a topic that could be considered ‘Your Money, Your Life’ (YMYL), as Google sets much stricter standards for this type of website.

We see brands that don’t have high-levels of E-E-A-T experiencing serious drops in their organic visibility and traffic but you can combat that with this guide that features an extensive list of recommendations you can implement to demonstrate a high degree of E-E-A-T on your online store now.

Our guide to mastering ecommerce SEO

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Who is this guide for?

  • CMOs tasked with improving the ROI of their marketing budget

  • SEO specialists looking to increase organic performance by increasing E-E-A-T rating

  • Marketing managers looking to strengthen and protect their site performance

  • Brands trying to recover from drops in organic rankings and visibility

What's in the guide?

  • Automatically generated content

    Often one of the worst contributors to low E-E-A-T ratings, learn how to work with this to avoid it's downfalls

  • Maximising existing content

    Check for and update the types of content that are detrimental to performance

  • Your biggest risk factors

    Avoid being hard hit by any of the frequent Google updates

About the author

Maria Camanes

Senior SEO Consultant

Maria joined Builtvisible in early 2017 as a Technical SEO Consultant, and is now Senior SEO Consultant. With 8+ years SEO experience across sectors, she's passionate about optimising websites from a technical point of view and is particularly interested in Ecommerce SEO and site speed optimisation. You would have seen her giving talks and hosting Ecommerce SEO training workshops at BrightonSEO or sharing her knowledge through our webinars, blog posts and guides.