Creativity Is The Real King

They say content is king and I do believe in this, but for me creativity is the real King. Creativity for me is the core of each product and company success, creating something new and of value but marketing it in such a way that it captures the hearts of its people which can in turn go viral through the love for that product or place.

There are many things in life that can help creativity emerge or drive your creativity forward. I believe that stress and fear is one factor in life that can block the creative mind but with a positive and open mind ideas will start to flow beautifully. It really all comes down to managing your emotions and fears in the right way, and from there it will help you open up the path to super creativity.

How many times have you played it safe? Worried and hesitating about stepping outside the idea box in case you fail, this is fear talking to you; it is telling you that you are a failure before you have even tried to step outside the box. When you change your mind set to become a confident person and challenge that fear watch out all the creativity goodness will come bursting out of you.

Have No Fear and Build Your Creativity

So, how do you become this confident person with no fear? You simply challenge yourself each day to change the way you do things and take a different action with risks. Too much activity and no rest will cause stress, stress then causes a blocked mind and a unhealthy person so firstly try incorporating relaxation sessions into your daily activity to produce a better and more healthier you.

Here at SEOgadget, I have developed the “Gadgeteers Learning Pod”, the pod allows workers to go into the pod and relax away from their daily work routine for an uninterrupted 20 minutes a day, allowing them to sit down away from their computer screens and either read or learn a new skill, which in turn will open up their path to creativity.

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Exciting Changes Make For Creativity

Last week was week one of a new change at SEOgadget, where the learning pod was activated. It saw me creatively thinking about different ways to tackle SEO problems through the inspiration of the book by Danny Dover called “Search Engine Optimization Secrets”. Mason and Tom were involved in learning new skills through Codeacademy, Sophie was reading up on PHP, Liam was reading Ian Lurie’s book “Conversion Marketing, An Internet Marketing Strategy That Works” and Lorna was creatively thinking up project ideas through reading up on trending industry news and catching up with The Economist news.  Next to the learning pod, Pete was teaching a beginners lesson in coding and if you have not caught up to date with this you can catch his training on our SEOgadet YouTube page. This is just the beginning of the learning pod developing and more exciting things are to come, but as you can see through changing the way you do things on a daily basis you can open up a new creative path or skill.

If however you do not want to sit down and learn then get up and be active, but pace yourself! If you are a fitness guru like me then try using your passion for working out as a way of opening up your creativity path. Many times I have been on the stepper at the gym and to be honest I used it just to tone my gluteal muscles, but when I attended the last ever Link Love conference in London it was Wil Reynolds that inspired me to change the way I used this. Wil Reynolds spoke about the nudge at different levels in link building, now I see each step on the gym stepper as a nudge and not just towards link building but I think about how on each step I can creatively push myself to the next goal to create awesome work for my clients. This way of opening up creative thinking is much more fun for me and stimulates my mind and body at the same time. You will find my fitness motivation on Twitter, just hash tag seofitness and you will see how determined I am to keep opening up my creative mind (#seofitness).

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How to Produce Better Content

Now, I bet as soon as I mentioned change some of you already tensed up, change this action immediately. So when I say change you say “hell yeah”, wait for it…CHANGE, I hope there was a lot of “hell yeah” being shouted just then! With your hell yeah I can do this attitude, you are now confident in the mind to go produce some creativity and here’s how:

1-      Take a risk and question your own idea

2-      Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself and run with new ideas

3-      Be bold and take action

4-      Study videos and analyse what made it creative and bullet point the areas that were great or needed improvement

I have a great example of number 4 on the list above but it needed no improvement as it was perfect. Yesterday, I watched a short animated video by Disney, and as many of you know I do love Disney but this video was all about the classic creativity that can live in every project or piece of work you do for a client. Take a look at this video called “Paperman” by Disney and think about creativity, what leaps out to you?

Paperman – Full Animated (Short Film) [VO|HD] by addictomovie

In my opinion, this video is an example of an animated perfection. It delivers a message through creative content, no voice is needed to speak the content and no text is needed to read the content, expression, sound and visual design is everything. In this video you not only capture the message that is being sent across but you are visually seeing how attention to detail is important. The male character creates a plane so precise to try and get his message to the female character, and although the plane keeps failing to get to where it needs to be he still keeps trying. Creative ideas do not just stop; they are built upon until the message can be delivered to the reader or viewer. And, look at the design in this animated video, simple and effective, it is actually amazing that you do not need bursts of colour to capture the attention as long as it designed in the right way and the flow blends in well with the story it will become a creative masterpiece and this is where Disney gets it right. The video threw me back to the classic Disney days and I really enjoyed it but this time I learnt creatively from what and how they produced it.

I hope you enjoyed my take on creativity, and if you want to join in with my physical and mental fitness come join me on Twitter, where I will be hash tagging the following that help my creativity flow:





#nandosseo (a SEOgadget #seotreat for us)

Happy creative hash tagging!

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7 thoughts on “Creativity Is The Real King

  1. I love the fact we’re talking about this on the site. An old coach of mine used to talk about “getting out of your comfort zone” all the time. He was so right. Without that advice, I’m happy to admit that I might not be writing this comment on this blog, because this company wouldn’t exist. I think you’re right on the money with this Jeanna, terrific article :D

  2. Adam Butler says:

    Amazing post, all the technical knowledge in the world will only get you so far unless you’re not afraid to get creative.

    One of the best explanations I’ve seen regarding the importance of creativity was in this TED talk by Sir Ken Robinson titled “Do Schools kill Creativity?”

    This line stuck with me

    “If they (children) don’t know, they’ll have a go. Am I right? They’re not frightened of being wrong. Now, I don’t mean to say that being wrong is the same thing as being creative. What we do know is, if you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.”

    For anyone looking to get serious about creating creative content (Why else would you be here??), I would recommend an excellent book called “The War of Art” By Steven Pressfield. It’s aimed more at writers and artists but the principles of “overcoming your inner creative resistance” AKA “Getting shit done” are really valuable for anyone having to make something from nothing.

    Thank you for sharing your insight Jeanna, that was really interesting.

  3. Paul D. Mitchell says:

    Hi Jeannah, according to me, every business requires creative thinkers in the form of scientists, engineers, medical researchers, technology innovators, business entrepreneurs, artists, performers, writers and illustrators, designers, inventors, educators and parents. Those with the ability to “think outside of the box” will lead the future and make special things happen.
    Professional web design

  4. Chris Thompson says:

    Brilliant thoughts! Anyone can create content, but adding a unique angle is what makes it truly stand out.

    Take the LOTRProject ( for example. The world of Tolkien has existed for years, but the the site’s author has created an interactive genealogy of every character in Middle-earth. Additionally, he has created unique content such as data visualizations of when certain characters are mentioned in the books. It puts the content of Tolkien into a format that resonates with a new age/tech savvy audience.

  5. JeannaH says:

    Thank you so much for all the lovely comments back, very much appreciated. Always be creative and unique, thinking and stepping outside the box is very important!

  6. Kim Greuel says:

    Love this post/room/etc.! Making room for creative space DAILY is a discipline so many people do not take advantage of. But it’s so essential to really living!

  7. George Anderson says:

    Hi Jeannah,

    Thank’s for so much to go away and think about. I always strive to be as creative as i possibly can be. As you say, you should never be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.

    Thanks Again for a wonderful post.


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