Content Generation: Creating a Content Plan for Your Business

Now that you know how to find your target audience and how to find content topic ideas that appeal to that audience, your next step is to create a content plan of action for your business. Without a stable content plan, you may find that all of the enthusiasm you have thrown into the idea of content marketing will soon be lost along the way when business picks up or other things change.

Areas of Content to Plan

So what areas of content do you need to strategically plan? I would say getting all of them organized would be key, but here are the most important ones that you need to define as far as who is in charge, what needs to be created, and when it needs to be created.

Blog Content

Your blog content can sometimes prove to be the most challenging to organize, especially if you are looking at having multiple writers. Writers can include you, your employees, guest bloggers, and freelance writers. With the right team in place, your blog can become a well-known expert resource in your industry.

Creating a plan for your blog isn’t as scary as it sounds. It just involves answering the following questions (and document those answers).

Social Media Content

Next on the list of highly important content that you must create is content for your social media accounts. While social media updates are short, they are still vital to the overall engagement of your brand. Hence you will want to figure out the following to draft your social media content plan.

Press Releases, Video, and More

If you want to keep up any other particular content campaigns, such as press releases, podcasts, whitepapers, case studies or video, be sure to create a content plan for each of those as well following similar guidelines as above. Who will be in charge and create the content, how often will you publish, and how will you promote are important questions for any type of content plan.

Curious how others plan their content? Try searching Google for “content plan” filetype:pdf – you can see real content plans made by real businesses. Edit these to include searches for editorial guidelines, social media policies, and other docuemnt types (pdf, xls, doc, docx) on content strategy.

Different Ways to Handle the Editorial Calendars

One thing that all of the above plans could use is an editorial calendar. This is simply a place where anyone can look to see the schedule of posting, topics / themes per day, and who is assigned the project. There are several ways you can create an editorial calendar that everyone can use – here are two that I have seen used successfully.

Now it’s your turn. Do you have a plan for your content strategy? What other things do you plan out to make sure that your content marketing is a success?

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4 thoughts on “Content Generation: Creating a Content Plan for Your Business

  1. Rick Noel says:

    Top notch post Kristi. Everyone is swept up in the “content is king” hoopla forgetting that today, content has to be 1.) unique – don’t bother writing about something that already has 100 great articles on and 2.) answering a question or filling a need that is currently in demand and relevant 3.) be of the highest quality. After all, its your brand or your clients brand on the line. All the pieces should be laid out then design to fit together and provide value to the target audiences. Those who fail to plan and execute, while measure progress against goals is what leads to the many social media disappointments and wasted resources. Your post is an awesome resource can provide an excellent framework for a discussion to make sure they understand what they are signing up for and what they need to contract out. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Kristi says:

    Thanks Rick! I see a lot of companies that jump into things and then don’t a clue what they are doing because they never thought about what their goals for their content are. So they end up with no way to gauge whether content marketing actually worked for them.

  3. Hi Kristi,

    to answer your questions, I don’t have a clue yet! But after reading your article I think I can sit down and set some goals and a strategy.

    I think you said elsewhere that when you sit down to prepare content you focus on preparing quality content rather than what could have a good seo value; the seo adjustment follows but the prime focus is on creating an interesting and engaging content.

    For someone (me!) who is about to start blogging about what I do (residential architecture) this is really valuable in how I need to approach things, thank you.

  4. Spook SEO says:

    It always starts with the business goal. Without determining the actual business goal is, the entire marketing effort will be thrown out of whack.

    Sadly… Other agencies don’t give this stage enough emphasis. They fail to see that a half baked session of planning on this stage can be very catastrophic for a business.

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