64% increase in monthly organic revenue for online bookstore

Triple digit visibility growth for Book Depository's key international markets

With 18 million titles and free delivery to 130 countries around the globe, Book Depository is one of the world’s leading specialist online bookstores.

Founded on the principle that books should be available to all, Book Depository provides millions of titles at great value to consumers.

The Challenge

Book Depository came to us in 2015 with the goal of increasing their organic digital performance to help drive new sales in key English-speaking markets: UK, Australia, Canada and USA. With their team having a limited experience within the field of SEO, we were brought onboard to drive high-performance growth in their organic search, raise their profile, provide training opportunities for internal teams, and increase awareness of the importance of the organic channel throughout the business.

The Solution

Technical QA and consultancy

Providing ongoing support for their small but expanding internal SEO team, we regularly reviewed any proposed changes to their website while advising and mitigating any impact to their SEO. With their internal team, we created a structured organic roadmap to help forecast for organic growth.



Working together to build a strategic internal training organic roadmap on a list of key topics, their internal team learnt about a variety of tools and processes, including: basic technical SEO (including SEO tooling), learnt the fundamentals of new page launches, wireframing site architecture and internal linking practices. Our team also provided support in on-boarding new SEO team members from developers and designers, to marketers and SEOs.


With their reporting structure lacking, we developed custom analytic dashboards to streamline their processes for key and emerging international markets, providing greater transparency into key metrics for tracking their global growth.


We drove and supported a site migration from HTTP to HTTPS; resolving inconsistent internal links and duplicated indexed properties in the process.

The site migration saw Book Depository jump in organic visibility for many of their key markets:

  • US – 58% increase
  • AU – 42% increase
  • GB – 74% increase

Book Depository Case Study

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Overall Results

Since our work began, Book Depository saw significant growth in overall visibility in many of their key markets; Australia saw a 78% increase while the US saw an astonishing 322% increase, and Great Britain’s visibility increased to 129%.


Within two years, their global monthly organic visitors saw a 53% uplift while their global monthly organic revenue increased by 64%.