Beyond the Usual Linkbuilding – SMX Advanced 2009

Hamlet Batista, President, RankSense
Arnie Kuenn, President, Vertical Measures
Chris Silver Smith, Director of Optimization Strategies, KeyRelevance

Chris Silversmith

Audience Targeted Content – target your audience wisely

Campus Area Yellow Pages –

For this site, Superpages produced content targeting .edu sites. They took a regular search engine on the site and tuned it to serve results for universities in their corresponding areas.The information featured in the page templates was entirely relevant to the needs of the higher education community. Some examples included:

Universities linked out to this totally relevant content – multiple links from edu’s to deep areas of their site. Overall that was a huge sucess and most of the links are still there years after the campaign.

Lots of good sources for free content

Public domain

US Government
State Government
Wikipedia commons
Project Gutenberg

Private domain content

Copyrighted work
Permitted partner content

Chris shared an example of refactoring and republishing content found in copyright free areas of the web such as Project Gutenberg. A fantastic example of this was to create a widget that posted extracts from books such as “Etiquette by Emily Post” and the “Sayings of Conficius“. The widget was then distributed via channels such as Widgetbox.

Other ideas for widgets: ratings badges

Superpages ratings generator widget. This activity created 29,000 backlinks. High authority / traffic sites such as Oakland International Airport!

Lottery Data widget also a very good example

The Sayings of Conficus

Some of these myspace widgets may not produce the best quality links, but they do bring traffic and a valued experience for the people that use them.

Widget do’s

Do provide the widget linking to the same site
Creat thematically relevant links
Clear legal terms stating links are included
Provide layout colour options
Keep branding minimal
Provide easy to install code

Widget don’ts

Don’t hide links
Don’t link to unrelated sites
Don’t include ads
Don’t force redirects or redirect to other URL’s and domains

Google gadgets

Yellow pages search for business widget on Google gadgets

yellow pages

Patrick Sexton is the grand master of all things widgets
definitely check his site out!

Hamlet Batista – 4 very powerful tactics to get / find high quality links

1) Choose Google Cache dates over Pagerank

How frequently Google crawls and indexes a page is an extremely powerful way to decide how authoritative a web page actually is. At the end of the day, pagerank updates so infrequently that using the crawl frequency is a great tool. (Matt Cutts confirmed that crawl is prioritised by page authority). Choose a page that you know has been visited frequently by Google.

2) Piggy back on current events

The phrase “3 words after sex” became a popular term after a piece of viral marketing became extremely successful and generated a lot of buzz on Twitter. Soon after, blog posts began cashing on on searches for the term.

3) I missed what this is called – let’s called it “share opinions”

Hamlet added to the “Search Engine Rankings” debate about a year ago which attracted a lot of attention on Sphinn. Later, I posted a follow up post disagreeing (sort of) with the message in the post. Very clever Hamlet, you earned some good links, and thankyou for the shout out in your presentation.

4) Share interesting video content

5) Republish all of your content in media rich files such as flash, word documents etc. The links are treated the same way as they are in the webpage.

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    Great Post. I will try to follow some of the ways listed above.

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    Sorry you missed my presentation. Maybe next time!

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