Find, and Outreach to Your Competitor's Best Links

While I have the advantage of a few extra hours in my working day (Seattle – London jetlag is getting my brain in gear at aproximately 5am, so I’ve promised myself to use the time productively, instead of staring at the ceiling).I thought I’d share a tool combination to find links to your competitor’s best content, and go on to fetch their contact details quickly and easily.

You’ll need:

– The SEOgadget Links API Extension for Mozscape
– Our Free Link Cleanup and Contact tool

What we’re going to do is, first, devise a query in the Excel extension to get the best link from a diverse set of domains. We’ll need to make a Links API call, and to get a nice rich diverse set of domains in our results, we’ll use the domain_to_domain scope (Returns a single link each from a set of root domains linking to any page on the specified Target’s root domain).

Here’s the query:


We’re basically saying, show me 1OO linking domains pointing to my domain, sorted by domain authority. I’d like to see external, and followed links. Sed me the linking subdomain (TargetCols=8) a large slice of the linking URL metrics (SourceCols=) and I’d like the normalised anchor text (LinkCols=8).

Here’s what the results should look like response fields have been translated into their friendly names:

output from excel

Look at that beautiful data! 100 rows of the best links to SEOgadget.

Paste that data into Link Cleanup & Contact

And there you go – best links, and a lot of contact details for outreach. Of course, you’ll need a compelling pitch for all of this, or an angle, but in any case you have some great data as a starting point. My current favourite is fnd the best links to your competitors product pages, and let those people know about your newer, more up to date, better priced stuff. I think that’s because I’m knee deep in retail strategy right now.

One last thing; if this feature is useful, we’ll just build it into Link Clean-up and Contact. Thoughts welcome!

PS – wanna use our new alpha API? Sign into Cleanup & Contact and then go to – 1 request per second, maximum, please people. I’ll post more about this very soon.


Image credit: Eva The Weaver

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5 thoughts on “Find, and Outreach to Your Competitor's Best Links

  1. Thank you for a great post Richard! Will take the new alpha API for a test run asap.



  2. Hi Richard, thanks for sharing more awesome tools.

    When I try this one I can only return 3 rows of data. Is this because I do not have the paid API? Same was true for the Anchor Text API you mentioned in the other post, I could only get 3 rows there, and you mentioned ‘The first few rows are accessible via an ordinary Pro level account API, so you can still test this API out’.

    Do you think that is also the case here then, or might I be doing something else wrong?

  3. Hey Patrick

    That sounds like the API row result limiting, as you have either a free or ordinary pro account. I assume the Links API calls are playing nicely (1,000 rows?)

    It’s subscription level buddy – contact and ask them (nicely) for more data! :0)

  4. andrei says:

    Thanks for sharing great tools. This is what makes your blog stands out from the rests.

  5. Thanks for really helpful information and tools. Richard, well done.

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