The single best career tip you’ll ever hear

by on 26th November 2014

Over the years I’ve been lucky to work with exceptionally talented people all around the planet.

I’ve also got some amazing friends, people that I look up to personally (and professionally, even if we don’t share the same careers).

I’ve noticed that the people I admire most all tend to share very similar characteristics, and I really enjoy trying to identify them.

As you progress through your career, you learn that the people around you have defining characteristics that make them a success. I’ve often advised very new hires to think about what makes the people they admire, the people they are. I advise them to choose the qualities they admire, and, copy them. They don’t have to choose people at work, it could be a famous football Manager, or a singer, or a sports personality, anyone.

But that’s not the career tip for this post. It’s more the background to how I discovered it.

This is:

Do what you said you were going to do.

Listen to the people around you and take note of statements like: “I’m going to X as soon as I have a moment” or “I’m planning to Y in a few weeks time.” People say they’re going to do things all the time, but they don’t, always.

Remember, you might be judged not on what you’ve said, but whether you actually did it, and whether something happened as a result.

I’d prefer to be someone who is judged on the outcome, not prejudged on it happening at all because I have a history of broken promises.

So, “we do what we said we’d do” has become a mantra among my management team at Builtvisible. I’m very comfortable with the integrity it represents, and the accountability it brings to each member of the team.

And that’s my single best career tip: always do what you said you’d do.


  1. Great advice, far too often in the workplace people put things off til tomorrow which usually ends up being months down the line. This is good advice for clients to live by too as they can sometimes also be guilty of putting off giving agencies information they might need to help them to do their jobs.

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