Behind the Scenes


Behind the Scenes


Ever wanted to peek behind the scenes of someone’s life and career trajectory? Get the honest story on how a piece of work was made? Learn from other creatives and meet more of your peers?

We’ve created Behind the Scenes as a place for creative flaneurs, industry influencers and interesting people to meet each other and talk over a beer or two. The aim is to uncover the interesting stories behind people and work of note and to help us all spread our professional network a little wider.

Our first speaker is Kevin Palmer, co-founder of Kin Design, an interactive agency impossible to pigeon-hole by discipline, medium or sector.


Kin Design have created wearable sensors to detect air pollution, high fashion catwalk centrepieces and big brand store fronts. They designed an outdoor seating sculpture for ITV and sent a phone into space to capture pictures of earth for Nokia. They are, quite simply, exceptional.

We’re also hugely lucky to have Animade co-founders, Tom Judd and James Chambers with us to take us Behind the Scenes of some of their most recent work.

air bnb

Animade’s belief in the power of character to bring a story to life has made them the go-to animation studio for global brands. Their video featuring a playful pup for Facebook garnered over 27 million views in a single week. Their animations for IBM introduced interactive elements to huge billboards across Paris for the French Open tennis tournament. Their sense of humour helped bring to life the well-loved Bélo character for Airbnb and appeared across New York in the run-up to the City Marathon.

And, finally, the creative force of James Round from Human After All will take us through some of his finest work.

Humanity After All-720

Get your questions ready for Kevin, Tom, James and James, and join us on 14th March.

Event details

6pm – 9pm, Tues 14 Mar
Builtvisible, 49 Tabernacle St
Shoreditch, EC2A 4AA
Event contact: Andrea

Behind the Scenes