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Some industries are boring. Some lack creativity, or never change, or are teeming with terse, overworked zombies in stuffy brown suits.

But not us. SEO is and always has been an industry known for its propensity to change at a moment’s notice, its constant literal ups and downs, battles between search engine good and evil, and lavish parties copius amounts of food and alcohol and the occasional visiting goat or things on fire.

But the best thing about this industry? Ask Greg Boser and Tim Mayer how long they’ve known each other. Ask Rand Fishkin how many industry folks he had at his wedding. Ask any of us why we all just LOVE going to conferences. It’s the people.

Somehow, some way, once you enter into the realms of search engine optimization, and ventured out to at least one great search marketing event, you’ve most likely made a few friends for life.

Since we at SEOgadget decided we were going to open up our first US office in San Francisco, I’ve been scouring the city for bright, talented, driven folks who have SEO in their heart to join our team. As expected, I’ve met a lot of smart and fun marketers. And after a few of these meetings I noticed something. None of these smart and fun marketers know each other.

Something must be done.

The other great thing about our industry is that we’re not just any marketers. We’re geeky, entrepreneurial, hack-happy spirits who need to constantly fill our brains with more, more, more. We pine over fabulous web content, we freak out over HTML5 infographics, we ROFL at SEO jokes that only we get.

San Francisco needs this. This is why we’re bringing the community back together in SF with a series of smartified happy hour marketing events showcasing trendsetters and forward thinkers in marketing end tech, and then some. In fact, that’s what we’re calling it: ThenSome.

Of course nothing says geek marketing community quite like SEOmoz, so naturally we’re collaborating with our friends from Seattle to bring you great speakers, yummy food, tipsy cocktails, free goodies, membership discounts and really amazing giveaways, just because we can.  Our first ThenSome event speaker is Dennis Goedegebuure on the future of SEO at the amazing Airbnb offices where we’re giving away a $350 Airbnb gift certificate and SEOmoz goodies including a 6 month PRO membership while we feed you. See?

Details and sign up information for that February 7th event are right behind the sign up button, and you can find all of our upcoming ThenSome events in San Francisco and beyond on the SEOgadget events page.

Bringing the geeky tech marketing community together with smart speakers, forward-thinking topics, love from SEOmoz, accompanied by free goodies, food and cocktails is our call of duty. We look so forward to seeing you at a future event, making new friends, feeding your body and your brain, and ThenSome.

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