Google Analytics & GTM Auditing

Good decisions require good data

A well-configured implementation of Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager can be a powerful source of insight, highlighting areas to maximise conversions and enabling you to make better choices for your business. An outdated, unstable, or otherwise unreliable implementation can not only jeopardize your understanding of your customers, but impede your ability to grow the revenue driven by your website.

The Approach

You need a reporting platform that is solid under any strategy, and across any channel. Builtvisible’s consultative approach to Google Analytics and GTM auditing will not only guarantee the accuracy of your data, but ensure that the insight you need is immediately available at your fingertips.

Our five-stage approach to Google Analytics consulting ensures that all work is tailored to your business requirements and solves your unique reporting needs.

Business Requirements
Collaborative consulting with key stakeholders to build a Measurement Plan; this will form the cornerstone of your strategy and establish exactly what your organisation requires from Google Analytics.
Implementation Audit
A thorough review of your existing configuration to establish what is currently being collected & processed. Insights allow us to finalise a full scope for the execution phase.
Deploy any necessary fixes to ensure data cleanliness going forward and ensure alignment between your current tracking setup and business goals.
GTM & Your Data Layer
Development of new measurement systems. Advanced customisations including custom dimensions, behavioural tracking and goal funnel analysis will be deployed using Google Tag Manager, supported by a robust Data Layer structure.
Data Studio Reporting
An extended testing period ensures accuracy and sustainability, while the creation of custom reporting dashboards in Google Data Studio – combined with stakeholder training – ensures a robust reporting system for the future.

By partnering with Builtvisible, you can ensure that your business decisions will be supported by actionable insight. Our consultants will work closely with your key stakeholders to build your measurement strategy, and our industry-leading technical expertise will transform raw data into meaningful insight. We’ll equip you and your team to communicate value with accurate, intelligent, custom reporting.

Google Analytics Consulting & Auditing Services

  • Data validation and auditing
  • Behavioural analysis and event tracking
  • Ecommerce & Enhanced Ecommerce tracking
  • Cross-domain tracking
  • Google Tag Manager implementations
  • Filters & property configuration
  • Bespoke reporting with Google Data Studio
  • User ID implementation
  • CMS integration with Measurement Protocol

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Our Google Analytics consultants give the world’s most exciting brands confidence in their analytics, help them understand their data and assist in data-led decision making. See more of our work, check out our beginners’ guide and Analytics blog posts, or contact us to talk about how we’ll help your company today.

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