The Ultimate SEO guide for Financial Services

A Comprehensive Financial Services Guide for SEO

Financial services companies operate in highly competitive markets. Cost per customer acquisition is high, and customer loyalty in younger, digitally-savvy audiences is on a knife-edge. As a result, marketing teams have never been under so much pressure to deliver more with so little – yet still they’re tasked with relentless growth.

The answer – or at least a large part of the solution – is to add breadth to the diversity of your traffic sources. To get ahead, marketing teams have an opportunity to exploit the power of organic traffic growth from ‘free’ channels, including search engines, through technical SEO, content marketing and digital PR. These areas are inextricably interlinked and highlight the fact that SEO, as a channel, is made up of multiple specialist disciplines.

To help you notice and understand these organic opportunities, we’ve put together this guide covering the main aspects of SEO for Financial Services.

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Who is this guide for?

  • Marketing managers working on Financial Services brands looking to maximise the impact of their strategies by increasing their organic performance.

  • CMOs tasked with improving the ROI of their marketing budget and making the most of their spend.

  • Front line and senior level marketers who are involved in and targeted on customer acquisition for their employers, looking to develop their capabilities further.

  • Financial SEO specialists looking to increase organic performance by adopting a holistic approach to SEO and digital content.

In this guide, we’ll cover three main aspects of SEO for Financial Services:

  • On-page content

    On-page SEO is invaluable for creating high-quality content that drives relevant traffic. In this section, we’ll cover how adhering to E-E-A-T principles to ensure quality and allowing the purchasing funnel to inform your production and priorities on-page can impact your organic growth.

  • Off-page SEO

    Exploring off-page SEO as a companion to on-page efforts, we'll show you how you can continue to drive quality traffic from outside your own content. We'll focus on a dual approach to link building, combining always-on flexible link building activities with the creation of larger campaigns.

  • Technical SEO

    Technical SEO is an important factor in supporting your on-page and off-page growth and further improving your organic rankings. This section outlines the most common technical SEO issues for Financial Services websites as well as how to overcome dev constraints, one of the biggest challenges for large, established Financial Services brands.

About the author

Will Nye

Technical Director

Will is our Technical Director and leads our SEO proposition. He also champions product efficiency and innovation throughout the agency, always thinking holistically about any organic strategy.

With 10 years agency experience to his name, his passion lies in technical SEO. He's the driving force behind our dedicated team of consultants in this area, constantly looking out and ahead for our clients. He believes that successful client-agency SEO relationships are only possible when technical excellence is paired with effective consulting, and strives tirelessly to foster an environment in which equal value in placed on mastering both disciplines.