A4Uexpo Slides - Remaining
Agile in 2013

by on 2nd July 2013

Time moves fast in search. It’s why I enjoy SEO so much – you’re never standing still for very long! This does mean however that one of the key skills for site owners is to be able to spot changes, understand those changes and then know how to react appropriately. Today I presented at the A4Uexpo in Amsterdam on exactly that topic.

As part of the prep, I wanted to see if I could put something together in Excel with the aim of looking at your top ranking competitors and gaining a quick insight into details such as volume of linking domains to the ranking page and also the anchor text distribution. It’s a little rough and ready, but feel free to download and have a little play here. You’ll also need to make sure you have our links API extension installed. I’m hoping to expand on this in the near future, so keep your eyes out here for updates!

SEO – Remaining Agile in 2013 from MRJonQ

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