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Joining the Builtvisible team just over two years ago I have always had the exciting task of getting us from A to B with our office moves. In December 2013 we made the decision that we were close to growing out of our lovely Shoreditch High Street office and therefore ready to begin the search for our next home.

As my first contribution to the BV blog I hope this post gives a small insight into what was a very exciting project and one that I felt honoured being able to manage what has become such important transitional period for our company.

Coming Home

“Home is where the heart is”, this is a notion we are all aware of; our homes are a place of comfort but also a representation of our personality and lifestyle. I believe this can be said for an office too. This space has to work for not only staff and be a comfortable yet functional space for them but also be a welcoming, visually pleasing environment for clients.

When starting the process of finding the new home for Builtvisible an understanding of both our company culture and the vision of our founder Richard Baxter’s brand was vital to the success of this venture.

Understandably I knew little old me wouldn’t be able to do the whole thing by myself so deciding who I needed for the success of a seamless move was imperative to everything being done to the upmost professional standard. This is when google came out and I became gripped to my phone trying to source the right people to work with us on this project:

Following the previous office move back in August 2012 I had built up a very handy ‘little black book’ of contacts which I realised was very necessary to a smooth transition from one office to the next.

So now things were beginning to be actioned I started to think very carefully about ‘location location location’, I realised very quickly that even though we were becoming (to quote Richard) a “grown up company” the idea of moving over to the City of London to be surrounded by the big corporations of the world wasn’t for us as an agency. Therefore we began our search a little closer to home of our then Shoreditch office. Initially I was determined to find a one floor open plan office space because as a company we have always been (and plan to stay) close nit all together in one room, this challenge proved to be rather difficult. We then broadened our horizons and we agreed to view a six floor building, a complete world away from what we had been used to. After weeks of looking at space after space, there was one clear contender and this is where the story of the new home of Builtvisible began at 49 Tabernacle Street.

Moving In

Now I am not going to bore you all writing about what was the longest and most stressful period I have ever been through with the legalities of acquiring the lease of an office; (there’s clearly a reason why office leases are so long because it probably takes five years to get over the stress of the process). But finally the exciting day came when I went to collect the keys of our new space! This is when the fun could really begin in making the blank canvas into an actual working office or in my world “make things pretty and organised” and make countless “To Do Lists”. Two of the big challenges I faced with this dramatic office change was:

These were some of the many questions floating in my head, in particular the first question of ‘how each floor was going to work for us.’ As before mentioned we have always been a company that have all worked in open plan offices which has meant we have been a very interactive group; continuously sharing news and any exciting developments and generally everyone getting on as a team, so to move from one floor to six was going to be the biggest change in dynamic we’ve had. Therefore creating a ‘hang-out’ space was of great importance to us; this would be our communal area that would bring everyone together at lunch times, social hangouts and team presentations.

Addressing the style of office was made very easy for me because throughout the time I have been doing this project we were in the process of rebranding both our name and website so style and aesthetic became a daily topic of discussion, so straight away I had a colour palette and clear style vision to work with. When looking at different furniture styles for the office I always stuck by the following descriptions:

Even though we are developing and adapting as a company we also wanted to have continuity from our last office to this one, therefore one key factor for me was to keep the style of desks the same and keep as much natural light coming in as possible. One thing I have always noticed each visitor complimenting us on with our previous space is how light and open the office felt, therefore I felt it imperative to carry that through to the new space not only for continuity for our clients to recognise but also for BV staff.

So in a nutshell that is the story of the ‘Builtvisible Move V3’. Take a look for yourself at a small selection of pictures (photographed by Dannie Price) of our beautiful new space we like to call home for the working day!

Our New Home

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