A New Type of Places Listing?

New Google Places Listing

Has anyone seen this type of search listing before? it’s new to me but isn’t it a cracker!

For a company search, I get a map, it’s precise location, a selection of their products, opening hours and the nearest subway. How cool is this? I can think of loads of benefits from an SEO and CRO perspective.

Click the  feedback on the bottom right hand corner and you get reviews for this company as well.

Let me know your thoughts about this…

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3 thoughts on “A New Type of Places Listing?

  1. Mike Wilton says:

    Possibly new in the UK, but this has been around for a bit in the US. It’s a Places instant preview, which is very similar to the instant preview for websites. You should see it as you hover over various Places results in the SERPs.

  2. gesher says:

    Yes, I first saw one of these about a month ago. In the past couple weeks, I’ve been seeing it multiple times a day – for lots of brand-/location-oriented queries.

  3. Visitor99 says:

    Starting to look like a better version of yellow pages. YP should have added hours and ratings years ago, but guess Google will continue to show them the way!

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