A Killer Feature for Embeddable Video, Documents & Charts

We only have time for a very quick blog post this evening, so I thought I’d share a killer feature request for embeddable documents, charts, videos from 3rd party suppliers such as Vimeo, Tableau and SlideShare.

If you’re embedding a 3rd party chart, video, or document, you might have noticed a complete lack of a feature that (I think) pretty much every SEO would go crazy for.

What’s missing from this awesome presentation?

Running Competitions for Links

And here?

Powered by Tableau

And here?

The answer

We’d love to see the ability to select an option to include a link back to the originating source, not just the 3rd party embeddable content provider. The principle feels simple enough, where during a file upload, you cite the originating source of the data. The embeddable object then contains a link back to both the 3rd party host and the originating content source, just like this:

View more presentations from Richard Baxter (via: Builtvisible.com)

If you’re a 3rd party embeddable content provider, you should definitely think about building this feature – SEO people would swarm to you in droves!

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3 thoughts on “A Killer Feature for Embeddable Video, Documents & Charts

  1. Alistair says:


    What do you think is more valuable:

    * Google & co. crawling/indexing documents stored on sites like slideshare, which may result in a link from within the document being counted or;
    * the potential traffic you’ll get via click through from a well optimised document


  2. Hi Alistair

    I’d always go for the most direct links I can get – on that note, any form of indexed link that passes PageRank is great. Whether an indexed document passes link is debatable. So, I guess as an equally powerful benefit – the traffic would be great!

  3. Mags says:

    I think that is very much an ethical aspect of SEO. I completely agree that possibility to include a link back to the originating source, would be more fair. It looks like Vimeo or mentioned Scribd websites want to get lots of backlinks at the expense of others. It doesn’t sound like the right approach. Maybe in the future, Google will also take it into consideration when change their algorithm…

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