What it’s like to work at SEOgadget in San Francisco, and why you should join us.

You know when you get that ear-to-ear grin, a little bounce in your seat and an uncontrollable maniacal giggle about really great marketing ideas, new ways to maneuver code or amazingly cool clients that are interested in you? That’s what the past 6 months has been like at SEOgadget in San Francisco since we first opened up shop downtown.

Like any typical startup, it’s been a bit of a roller coaster ride at times, learning how to streamline our work around client load, project managing processes, and how to work most efficiently with our UK team and with each other. Personally, for me it’s been a learning experience in scaling, since at Yahoo, Nine by Blue and How’s Your Pony I’ve had calculatedly small teams and client loads, but here at SEOgadget we’ve been growing, growing, growing. And so far… This has been one amazingly awesome journey. I often feel like the agency-equivalent of PDA because I’m always gushing about how much I love this team and our work. And it’s not just me. If my relentless giddyness makes others roll their eyes and puke a little, so be it.

Needless to say, when we hire, we want to find that special someone to add to our family. Someone who has drive, who is dying to innovate for our clients and ourselves, who is eager to learn and also to teach, who desires a platform to let their skills and creativity blossom, and of course someone who loves to laugh as much as we do. It’s a lot.

Right now I’m hand-picking our next family member. I’m looking for a code-savvy wizard genius who’s itching to get down and dirty with technical SEO issues that include pivot-charting keyword research by intent, diving into solutions for code challenges provided by our clients’ web devs who are doing super-innovative and sometimes downright weird coding, setting up custom analytics dashboards and eventually managing a team, speaking at the top conferences (optional) and rocket-launching their career. It’s an uber-technical position waiting for a very special person.

Here’s the job description: http://www.inbound.org/job/view/seogadget/organic-search-strategist-1

And here’s a little more about what it’s like to be at SEOgadget in San Francisco. If you’re that person I described above or if you know someone like that, I’d love to hear from you. We can’t wait to meet our next family member!

Around the San Francisco office

Our coworking space is a huge Banksy-themed space (how appropriate!) with free snacks, dogs hanging about, a jungle of big plants, super comfy lounge areas, a nice big kitchen, adequate meeting room space, monthly free happy hours from Bourbon & Branch, and occasional events like Gavin Newsom visiting us to chat about data & government.

The Hatchery's Banksy Theme Comfiest co-working space in San Francisco
When we get a new client we often spank the monkey (he woots for our excitement). “Boom goes the dynamite!” is also the equivalent of “heck yeah we got a new awesome client!”. We’re just silly like that.
We’re also in the SOMA neighborhood which is easily accessible and chock full of cafes and food trucks and hipsters and no shortage of bustling startups.

New clients mean it's time to spank the monkey Gavin Newsom made a special visit

We’re crazy excited about thinking outside the box, helping our clients beat the competition, geeking out over code and APIs and we’re not shy about bringing cake and cupcakes on birthdays. We’re also not shy about our birthday Harlem Shake. These things happen.

Our clients

Most of our clients in the US are:

  • Global enterprise-level companies
  • Midsized innovative companies
  • The occasional funded startup with a great idea that needs visibility
  • Industries are highly skewed toward tech and entertainment in the US so far, but also include a variety of business types.
  • Our point of contact is often the lead SEO at a company, the Product Manager or a Marketing Manager/Director. Our job is to empower them to meet their business goals.

We are drawn to clients who are genuinely excited about their business and their industry. We stay away from clients looking at SEO or content marketing as a band-aid or a one-time quick fix. We immerse ourselves in our clients’ businesses, getting to know who their audiences are, what gets those audiences excited, and how we can help the business meet and exceed their goals through customized solutions. We love our clients and they love us. #Gush

Some of the team on US client trip outings to LA and DC:

Client trip client trip

Some of the really cool projects we’re working on right now include:

  • Technical work for a large beverage company’s music division that includes diving into AngularJS, escaped fragments, schema markup and PushState solutions
  • Product and content strategy work for a well-known brand who’s SEO is involved in shaping the future of the company’s product online.
  • Content marketing strategy for a tech company that digs into their mountains of data to tell some really cool stories.

That giggly/bouncy thing I mentioned before? That’s how we feel about these projects. Tupac sings “Picture me rollin'”. At SEOgadget, picture us giggle-bouncing.

SEOgadget culture

Since we’ve started up in San Francisco, we’ve adopted much of the London team’s culture, making the workplace a place of learning, sharing, empowering each other, and having fun together. We connect with, share with, and often visit the London office regularly.

UK and US team members Skyping with the UK team

Our first US team outing (which we do quarterly) was a snowboarding trip to Heavenly – I was truly floored by Richard and Chris’s powdery tree run skills.

chris riding powder seogadget snowboarding

Our most recent outing was a trip to see The Internship on opening day (side note: *some* of us cried) and then we gathered together at Richard (our company founder)’s Airbnb apartment to cook cuisines and cocktails from our heritage.

It’s not just about us – we love getting our community together to learn and have fun, so we hold events like ThenSome Future of SEO w/ Dennis Goedegebuure at Airbnb and SEO Pub Trivia night, which are put on with a little help from our friends like Moz and PixelSilk. We’ve also started sharing videos that reflect the things our geek marketing team are really good at, like Pete’s Lessons in Coding for Beginners 1 and 2 and Jon & Dan’s Moz webinar on making your site audits more actionable.

thensome ThenSome pub trivia

We hit up the best of the best events, as speakers and as attendees. Several gadgeteers write for industry publications and speak at conferences around the globe, and this year we have 9 employees going to Mozcon!

richard baxter speaking laura lippay speaking at SMX Munich

Your boss

Lastly, this is me, and I’d be your boss. :)

Want this to be your future family (or know someone perfect for this?). Let me know - we’re really looking forward to meeting you/him/her!

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  1. Richard says:

    I *love* working out of the US office. There’s this crazy dedicated start-up wild frontier kind of vibe that’s just so addictive! San Francisco is my second home and I always look forward to working along side you guys.

    Join us!!

  2. Mark says:

    Good luck to whoever gets the role, you guys do amazing work!

  3. Laura Lippay says:

    Thanks Mark! Much appreciated :D

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